Job Market Candidates 2014-2015



NameAreas of interestJob Market PaperThesis advisor* and References

Peter Eccles

Microeconomics Coarse Updating: Bertrand Competition

Natalia Fabra*
Angel Hernando*
Alessandro Pavan

Anett Erdman

Industrial Organization
The role of captive consumers in retailers' location choice

Jesús Carro*
Makoto Watanabe*
Matilde Machado

Yunus Emre Ergemen

Econometric Theory
Applied Econometrics
Empirical Finance
Fractionally Integrated Panel Data Systems

Carlos Velasco*
Jesus Gonzalo
Juan Jose Dolado

Mian Huang

Econometric Theory
Applied Econometrics
Simulation Based Estimation of Multinomial Discrete Choice Model with Fixed Effects

Jesús M. Carro*
Carlos Velasco
Ricardo Mora

Lovleen Singh Kushwah

International economics
Country default in a Monetary Union

Salvador Ortigueira*
Andres Erosa
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Iacopo Morchio

Labor Economics
Information Frictions, Match Quality and Lifetime Unemployment

Andrés Erosa*
Matthias Kredler
José-Victor Rios-Rull
Javier Fernandez-Blanco

Omar Rachedi



Macro Finance
Asset Pricing
The Calm Before the Storm: Time Varying Volatility and the Origins of Financial Crises

Salvador Ortigueira*
Matthias Kredler*
Andres Erosa
Juan Jose Dolado


Pedro H. C. Sant'Anna

Econometric Theory
Applied Economics
Nonparametric Tests for Conditional Treatment Effects with Duration Outcomes

Miguel Delgado*
Juan Carlos Escanciano
Carlos Velasco

Victor Troster

Econometric Theory
Time Series
Applied Econometrics
A Specification Test of Dynamic Conditional Distribution and Quantile Models

Carlos Velasco*
Abderrahim Taamouti*
Jesús Gonzalo

Nora Wegner

Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory
Economics of Information
Scalable games

Angel Hernando*
Marco Celentani
Alessandro Pavan


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Abderrahim Taamouti


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