Job Market Candidates 2014-2015



NameAreas of interestJob Market PaperThesis advisor* and References

Peter Eccles

Microeconomics Coarse Updating: Bertrand Competition

Natalia Fabra*
Angel Hernando*
Alessandro Pavan

Anett Erdman
Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Chile)

Industrial Organization
The role of captive consumers in retailers' location choice

Jesús Carro*
Makoto Watanabe*
Matilde Machado

Yunus Emre Ergemen
CREATES, Aarhus University

Econometric Theory
Applied Econometrics
Empirical Finance
Fractionally Integrated Panel Data Systems

Carlos Velasco*
Jesus Gonzalo
Juan Jose Dolado

Mian Huang
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Econometric Theory
Applied Econometrics
Simulation Based Estimation of Multinomial Discrete Choice Model with Fixed Effects

Jesús M. Carro*
Carlos Velasco
Ricardo Mora

Lovleen Singh Kushwah
University of Glasgow

International economics
Country default in a Monetary Union

Salvador Ortigueira*
Andres Erosa
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Iacopo Morchio
University of Vienna

Labor Economics
Information Frictions, Match Quality and Lifetime Unemployment

Andrés Erosa*
Matthias Kredler
José-Victor Rios-Rull
Javier Fernandez-Blanco

Omar Rachedi
Bank of Spain



Macro Finance
Asset Pricing
The Calm Before the Storm: Time Varying Volatility and the Origins of Financial Crises

Salvador Ortigueira*
Matthias Kredler*
Andres Erosa
Juan Jose Dolado


Pedro H. C. Sant'Anna
Vanderbilt University

Econometric Theory
Applied Economics
Nonparametric Tests for Conditional Treatment Effects with Duration Outcomes

Miguel Delgado*
Juan Carlos Escanciano
Carlos Velasco

Victor Troster
Universitat de les Illes Balears

Econometric Theory
Time Series
Applied Econometrics
A Specification Test of Dynamic Conditional Distribution and Quantile Models

Carlos Velasco*
Abderrahim Taamouti*
Jesús Gonzalo

Nora Wegner
Bank of England

Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory
Economics of Information
Scalable games

Angel Hernando*
Marco Celentani
Alessandro Pavan


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Abderrahim Taamouti


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