Week Seminars
  • PhD. Workshop: Macroeconomics Session
    • 11.30 Jose Carbo: "Access to credit: Firm size matters"
    • 11.50 Beatriz González López: "Taxation and the life-cycle of firms"
    • 12.05 Tomás Martínez: "Job Polarization over the Life Cycle"
    Monday 20, 15.1.03.
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar: María Dolores Jiménez Gamero (Universidad de Sevilla): "Tests for the equality of conditional variance functions in nonparametric regression". Monday 20, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • PhD. Workshop: Econometrics Session
    • 10.30 Cleiton Taufemback: "Mixed Frequency Data Econometrics at Low Frequencies"
    • 11.00 Rui Cui: "Goodness-of-fit test for the Cox Proportional Hazard Model"
    • 11.15 Yuhao Li: "Modelling the marked self-exciting process"
    • 11.30 Jun Yi Peng Zhou: "Bubble as Time Varing Parameter Model"
    Tuesday 21, 15.1.03.
  • PhD. Workshop: Applied Session
    • 12.00 Federico Masera: "Bringing War Home: Violent Crime and the Overmilitarization of the US Police"
    • 12.30 Federico Curci: "Tall cities"
    • 13.00 Muhammad Hasin Yousaf: "Mass Shootings"
    Tuesday 21, 15.1.03.
  • I.I.D Seminar: Julio Cáceres (UC3M): "Starting off on the right foot: Impact of better elementary school". Wednesday 22, 13:15h, 15.0.05.
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar: Warn Nuarpear Lekfuangfu (Chulalongkorn University): "Locus of control and its intergenerational implications for early childhood skill formation". Thursday 23, 13:15h, 15.0.05.
  • Microeconomics Seminar: Jose A. Espin- Sanchez (Yale University): "Costly Entry into Oligopolistic Markets". Friday 24, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar (joint with Macroeconomics): Marco del Negro (New York FED): "The Forward Guidance Puzzle". Monday 27, 13:15h, 15.1.01.


Conferences and other events

Recent Publications

Sergi Basco,
"Switching bubbles: From Outside to Inside Bubbles"
European Economic Review, 87 (2016), 236-255.
Diego Moreno and Tuomas Takalo,
"Optimal Bank Transparency"
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 48 (2016), 203-231.
Martin Nybom and Jan Stuhler,
"Heterogeneous Income Profiles and Lifecycle Bias in Intergenerational Mobility Estimation"
Journal of Human Resources, 51 (2016), 239-268.
Diego Moreno and John Wooders,
"Dynamic Markets for Lemons: Performance, Liquidity, and Policy Intervention"
Theoretical Economics, 11 (2016), 601-639.
Álvaro Escribano and Szabolcs Blazsek,
"Patent propensity, R&D and market competition: Dynamic spillovers of innovation leaders and followers"
Journal of Econometrics, 191(1) (2016), 145-163.
Antonia Díaz and Luis Franjo
“Capital goods, measured TFP and growth: The case of Spain”
European Economic Review, 83(2016): 19-39.
Jesús Mª Carro, Antonio Cabrales and Brindusa Anghel
“Evaluating a bilingual education program in Spain: the impact beyond foreign language learning”
Economic Inquiry, 54(2)(2016): 1202-1223.





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