Week seminars

  • E&A Workshop: Koen Jochmans(Sciences Po, Paris), "Estimating Multivariate Latent-Structure Models"(Monday 17, 13:15h, Room: 15.1.01)
  • Sem Micro: Gerard Llobet(CEMFI), "The Optimal Scope of the Royalty Base in Patent Licensing", (Tuesday 18, 13:15h, Room: 15.1.01)
  • IID Seminar (Job Market): Matthias Kredler(UC3M), "Great Opportunities or Poor Alternatives: Self-Employment, Unemployment and Paid Employment Over the Business Cycle". (Wednesday 19, 13:15h, Room: 15.1.01)
  • Student Workshop(Job Market): Anett Erdmann(UC3M), "The role of captive consumers in retailer´s location choice". (Thursday 20, 13:15h, Room: 15.1.01)
  • Student Workshop: Luisa Dressler(Université libre de Bruxelles), "Support Schemes for Renewable Electricity in the European Union: Producer Strategies and Competition". (Friday 21, 13:15h, Room: 15.1.01)
  • XI Encuentro de la Red Española de Elección Social (Friday 21, Room 14.0.11):
    • 10.00 h:
      Riste Gjorgjev (UdG): Impartial Social Rankings
      Carmen Herrero (UA): An Endogeneous Scoring Rule
    • 12.00 h:
      Joaquín Pérez Navarro (UAH) : No show paradox and the golden number in generalized Condorcet voting methods
      Nora Ibarzábal Laka (UPV-EHU): Making Blank Botes Count: The Basque Parliament Case
    • 15.00 h:
      José Manuel Giménez Gómes (URV): Distributive justice in conflicting claims problem: a questionnaire study
      Pedro Calleja Cortés (UB): Core selection, aggregate monotonicity and consistency for single-valued solutions in cooperative games
    • 17.00 h:
      Josep María Izquierdo Aznar (UB): Rationing problems with payoff tresholds
  • XI Encuentro de la Red Española de Elección Social (Saturday 22, Room14.0.10):
    • 10.10 h:
      Jorge Alcalde-Unzu (UPNA): Strategy-proof location of public facilities
      Elena Molís (UGr): A new solution for roommate problems: The Q-Stable matchings
    • 12.00 h:
      María Teresa González Arteaga (UVall): A proposal of ranking codifications compatible with Mahalanobis disconsensus measures
      Juan D Moreno-Ternero (UPO): Taxation and Poverty


Conferences and other events


Recent Publications

Natalia Fabra & Mar Reguant,
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American Economic Review, 104(9) (2014), 2871-2899.

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"Industry Compensation under Relocation Risk: A Firm-Level Analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme"
American Economic Review, 104(8) (2014), 2482-2508.

Abderrahim Taamouti, Taoufik Bouezmarni & Anouar El Ghouch,
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Klaus Desmet & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg,
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American Economic Review, 104(4) (2014), 1211-1243.

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Journal of Econometrics, 178 (2014), 331-341.

Matthias Kredler,
"Experience vs. Obsolescence: A Vintage-Human-Capital Model"
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Ludo Visschers & Irina A. Telyukova,
"Precautionary Demand for Money in a Monetary Business Cycle Model"
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Klaus Desmet
& Esteban Rossi-Hansberg,
"Urban Accounting and Welfare"
American Economic Review, 103(6) (2013), 2296-2327.





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