Micro Reading Group

The microeconomics reading group meets bi-weekly to discuss recent and fundamental papers in both theory and applied microeconomics. During the Spring 2017 the group meets on Tuesdays at 18:00-19:30 in room 15.0.06.

List of papers presented and discussed in the Fall 2016:

Oct. 25
Michele Rosenberg
JM Esteban and D Ray: A model of ethnic conflict

Nov. 15
Michelangelo Rossi
J Horner: Reputation and competition

Nov. 22
Rubén Veiga
A Alsina and E Spolaore: On the number and size of nations

Dec. 13
Onursal Bagirgan:
T Piketty: Social Mobility and Redistributive Politics

List of papers that will be presented and discussed in the Spring 2017:

Jan. 31
Michelangelo Rossi
Reputation for What? The impact of Online Reviews on Airbnb

Feb. 14
Michele Rosenberg
Multinational Companies and the Political Economy of Natural Resource

March 14
Sebastian Panthofer
Jason Albert: Strategic Dynamics of Antibiotic Use and the Evolution of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

March 28
Diego Moreno
Information Advantage in Tullock Contests (with A. Aiche, E. Einy, O. Hamanko, A. Sela, and B. Shitovitz)

June 13
Marting Hagen
Refugee Relocation: A Mechanism Design Approach

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