Madrid Summer Workshop on Economic Theory (M-SWET) 2012

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, June 20-21

Organized by:

Antonio Cabrales (U. Carlos III), Guillermo Caruana (CEMFI), Diego Moreno (U. Carlos III) and Roberto Serrano (Brown University)
Sponsored by:

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 
C/ Madrid 126, 28903 Getafe
, Room 15.1.03 (directions)


Wednesday, June 20

Morning session (chair – Antonio Cabrales)

09:30-10:45         Jacob Goeree (University of Zurich):  "A Geometric Approach to Mechanism Design," with A. Kushnir.
10:45-11:00         Discussion: Roberto Serrano (Brown University)
11:00-11:30         Coffee break
11:30-12:45         Kfir Eliaz (Brown University): “ Reference-Dependence & Labor Market Fluctuations” with Ran Spiegler
12:45-13:00         Discussion: Antonio Cabrales (Universidad Carlos III)
13:00-14:30         Lunch

Afternoon session (chair – Roberto Serrano)

14:30-15:45         V. Bhaskar (University College London): Dynamic moral hazard, learning and belief manipulation.
15:45-16:00         Discussion: Guillermo Caruana (CEMFI)
16:00-16:30         Coffee break
16:30-17:45         Diego Moreno (Universidad Carlos III): “Optimal bank transparency."
17:45-18:00         Discussion: Ignacio Ortuño (Universidad Carlos III)
21:00                  Dinner

Thursday, June 21

Morning session (chair – Diego Moreno)

09:30-10:45         Francisco Marhuenda (Universidad Carlos III): Endogenous Party Platforms: “Stochastic" Membership 
                          with Andrei Gomberg and Ignacio Ortuño.
10:45-11:00         Discussion: TBA
11:00-11:30         Coffee break
11:30-12:45         Olivier Gossner (Paris School of Economics and London School of Economics): “The Robustness of Incomplete Penal Codes to
                          Payoff Perturbations”
12:45-13:00         Discussion: V. Bhaskar (University College London)
13:00-14:30         Lunch

Afternoon session (chair – Guillermo Caruana)

14:30-15:45         David Pérez-Castrillo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ): “Innovation contests” with David Wettstein.
15:45-16:00         Discussion: Diego Moreno (Universidad Carlos III)
16:00-16:30         Coffee break
16:30-17:45         Mark Armstrong (All Souls College, Oxford University): "A more general model of commodity bundling”.
17:45-18:00         Discussion: Gerard Llobet (CEMFI)

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