Matilde P. Machado, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid




Working Papers

2018:  "A Escolarização em Portugal em 1940 e o Plano dos Centenários: Uma análise quantitativa" (with Pedro Gomes) in Portuguese.. Submitted


2014: The Transmission of Preferences and Beliefs about female labor market participation: direct evidence on the role of mothers (with Jesus Carro and Ricardo Mora). CEPR DP 10218 and UC3M Economic Series 14-21.


2004: "Bilateral Market Power and Vertical Integration in the Spanish Electricity Spot Market" (with Kai-Uwe Kuhn) CEPR DP N. 4590.



(A previous version can be found in CEPR DP 10256).

Blog and Press about the article: Lacea Vox (in English); Nada es Grátis (in Spanish)


Work in Progress:

Motherhood and Labor Market Trajectories across Europe: Harmonized Evidence on 29 countries (with Ines Berniell, Lucila Berniel, Dolores de la Mata, Maria Edo, Yarine Fawaz and Mariana Marchionni)

Asymmetric Information with multiple risks: the case of the Chilean Private Health Insurance Market  (with Dolores de la Mata, Pau Olivella and Nieves Valdés)


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