This consortium brings together all researchers in the Department of Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), integrated into research groups in Microeconomics and Industrial Economics, Macroeconomics, Development and Labor Economics, Econometrics and Applied Economics, and the group of Quantitative Research and Mathematics at the Universidad Autnoma de Madrid (UAM) Economy.

    The consortiums research seeks to contribute to a better understanding of some of the major economic, political, demographic, and social problems that countries, which currently participate in a globalized economy and a world, have to face.

    Specific research topics addressing key issues such as regulation of markets, the design and evaluation of policies, design of electoral systems and federal organizations, analysis of social conflicts, migration policies, social mobility, redistributive effects of macroeconomic policies, the aggregate consequences of investment decisions of households and businesses, the orientation of investment in research and development, evaluation of scientific production, or the consequences of climate change.

    In addition, research topics include methodological studies on the properties of the equilibria in contests and competitive markets, or system solutions and dynamic games, needed to facilitate research on substantive issues, as well as, the treatment of databases of a different nature (panel, space, duration, dynamic) and the development of new econometric methods to allow better use in hypothesis testing of the available empirical evidence.

    The result of this research will generate a significant number of publications in professional journals of maximum impact, and contribute to improving scientific production and international visibility of researchers in the consortium.

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