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Economics Series 1999

99-2 (01) Carmen Arguedas
"Environmental Standards and costly monitoring"

99-4 (02) Maite Martínez Granados
"Testing Labour Supply and Hours Constraints"

99-5 (03) Rafael Salas
"Multilevel Interterritorial Convergence and Additive Multidimensional Inequality Decomposition"

99-8 (04) Ricardo Mora
"Third-Generation Mexican American Workers in the South-West: A Case of Wage Discrimination?"

99-9 (05) Ricardo Mora
"Wage Inequality and Structural Change"

99-11 (06) Ezra Einy, Diego Moreno y Benyamin Shitovitz
"The barganing set of a large economy with differential information"

99-13 (07) Antonio Romero-Medina
"Simple mechanisms to implement the core of college admisions problems"

99-14 (08) Antonio Romero-Medina
"Sequential decisions in the college admisions problem"

99-16 (09) Ezra Einy, Diego Moreno y Benyamin Shitovitz
"Fine value allocations in large exchange economies with differential information"

99-20 (10) Klaus Desmet
"A Perfect Foresight Model of Regional Development and Skill Specialization"

99-21 (11) Klaus Desmet
"A Simple Dynamic Model of Uneven Development and Overtaking"

99-22 (12) Óscar Bajo (Universidad Navarra) y Rafael Salas
"Inequality foundations of concentration measures: an application to the Hannah-Kay indices"

99-25 (13) M. A. de Frutos y L. Pechlivanos
"Second-Price Common-Value Auctions under Multidimensional Uncertainty"

99-32 (14) Diego Moreno y John Wooders
"Prices, Delay, and the Dynamics of trade"

99-34 (15) Diego Moreno y Juan Delgado
"Coalition-proof Supply Function Equilibria in Oligopoly"

99-36 (16) Michele Boldrin y Ana Montes
"Intergenerational Transfer Institutions: Public Education and Public Pensions"

99-43 (17) Mathijs Jansen, Andres Perea y Dries Vermeulen
"Player Splitting in Extensive Form Games"

99-44 (18) Andres Perea y Jeroen Swinkels
"Selling Information in Extensive Form Games"

99-51 (19) Albert Burgos
"Learning to Deal with Risk: What Does Reinforcement Learning Tell Us about Risk Attitudes?"

99-55 (20) M.Boldrin, JJ Dolado, JF Jimeno y F. Peracchi
"The Future of Pension Systems in Europe:A Reappraisal"

99-56 (21) JJ Dolado, F Felgueroso y JF Jimeno
"The Causes of Youth Labour Market Problems in Spain: Crowding Out,Institutions,or Technology Shifts?"

99-57 (22) M.Balmaseda,JJ Dolado y JD Lopez-Salido
"The Dynamic Effects of Shocks to Labour Markets: Evidence from OECD Countries"

99-59 (23) Victoria Osuna
"Job Flow Dynamics in Segmented Labor Markets: Evaluating the Effects of a Reduction in Firing Costs in Spain"

99-62 (24) Marco Celentani y Jose Ignacio Conde Ruiz
"The Political economy of international private insurance and fiscal policy"

99-63 (25) T. Garner, J. Ruiz-Castillo y M. Sastre
"The Influence of Demographics and Household Specific Price Indices on Expenditure Based Inequality and Welfare: A Comparison of Spain and the United States"

99-66 (26) Praveen Kujal y Celia Costa Cabral
"The Role of Commitment and the Choice of Trade Policy Instruments"

99-71 (27) Berthold Herrendorf, Ákos Valentinyi, Robert Waldmann
"Ruling out Multiplicity and Indeterminacy: the Role of Heterogeneity"

99-76 (28) Ezra Einy, Diego Moreno y Benyamin Shitovitz
"Information Advantage in Cournot Oligopoly"

99-80 (29) JJ Dolado,F Felgueroso y JF Jimeno
"Youth Labour Markets in Spain:Education,Training and Crowding-Out"

99-82 (30) Sergi Jiménez-Martín, José M. Labeaga y Maite Martínez-Granado
"Health status and retirement decisions for older European couples"

99-86 (31) Salvador Barberà, Andrés Perea
"Supporting Others and the Evolution of Influence"



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