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Economics Series 1998

98-05 (01) Alfonso Alba
"The effect of unemployment compesation on the re-employment probability in Spain"

98-06 (02) Michael Jerison
"Nonrepresentative representative consumers"

98-10 (03) Laurence Kranich
"Equality and individual responsibility"

98-11 (04) Laurence Kranich
"Altruism and the political economy of income taxation"

98-13 (05) Jaume García and Sergi Jiménez
"Claim, offer and information in wage bargaining"

98-24 (06) Michele Boldrin and Juan Manuel Martín Prieto
"Trade liberalization and private savings: the spanish experience, 1960-1995"

98-26 (07) Antonio Romero-Medina
"More on preference and freedom"

98-28 (08) Mª. Angeles de Frutos
"Asymmetric price-benefit auctions"

98-29 (09) Helmut Bester and Emmanuel Petrakis
"Wages and productivity growth in a competitive industry"

98-30 (10) Esther Hauk
"On the cultural transmission of corruption"

98-36 (11) Emmanuel Petrakis
"Diffusion of abatement technologies in a differentiated industry"

98-37 (12) Praveen Kujal and Roland Michelitsch
"Monopoly power and terms of trade"

98-42 (13) Maite Martínez and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"Young People's Decisions: A cross-Section Study for Spain"

98-45 (14) Carlos San Juan y Esther Decimavilla
"Productivity Comparisons: The European Union Agriculture"

98-46 (15) Sonsoles Castillo, Juan José Dolado y Juan F. Jimeno
"A Tale of Two Neighbour Economies: Labour Market Dynamics in Portugal and Spain"

98-47 (16) Sonsoles Castillo, Juan José Dolado y Juan F. Jimeno
"The Fall in Consumption from Being Unemployed in Portugal and Spain"

98-48 (17) Manuel Santos
"Accuracy of Numerical Solutions Using the Euler Equation Residuals"

98-52 (18) Antonio Romero-Medina
"Stability in One-Sided Matching Markets"

98-53 (19) Maite Martínez Granados
"Self-Employment and Labour Market Transitions: a Multiple State Model"

98-62 (20) Antonio Romero-Medina
"sex equal stable matching"

98-69 (21) Barbara Petrongolo y María Jesús San Segundo
"Staying in at school at sixteen: The impact of labor market conditions in Spain"


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