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Economics Series 1997

97-04 (01) Iñigo Herguera and Stefan Lutz
"Trade policy and leapfrogging"

97-05 (02) Talitha Feenstra and Noemí Padrón
"Dynamic efficiency of environmental policy: the case of intertemporal model of emissions trading"

97-06 (03) José Luis Moraga and Noemi Padrón
"Pollution linked to consumption: a study of policy instruments in an environmentally differentiated oligopoly"

97-07 (04) Roger Feldman, Carlos Escribano and Laura Pellisé
"The role of government in competitive insurance markets with adverse selection"

97-09 (05) Juan José Dolado and Juan F. Jimeno
"The causes of Spanish unemployment: a structural VAR approach"

97-10 (06) Juan José Dolado, Florentino Felgueroso and Juan F. Jimeno
"Minimum wages, collective bargaining and wage dispersion: the Spanish case"

97-12 (07) Víctor Aguirregabiria and César Alonso-Borrego
"Employment occupational structure, technological capital and reorganization of production"
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97-14 (08) Alfonso Alba-Ramírez
"How temporary is temporary employment in Spain?"

97-17 (09) Laurence Kranich
"Equalizing opportunities through public education when innate abilities are unobservable"

97-21 (10) Michael Florig
"On the irreducibility of a competitive economy"

97-22 (11) H. Ben-El-Mechaiekh, S. Chebbi, J.V. Llinares and Monique Florenzano
"A fixed point theorem without convexity"

97-34 (12) María Angeles de Frutos and Rober W. Rosenthal
"On some myths about sequenced common-value auctions"

97-35 (13) Ezra Einy, Diego Moreno and Benyamin Shitovitz
"The core of a class of non-atomic games which arise in economic applications"

97-36 (14) Paula Corcho and José L. Ferreira
"Credible equilibria in non-finite games and in games without perfect recall"

97-37 (15) Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"A simplified model for social welfare analysis. An application to Spain, 1973-74 to 1980-81"

97-38 (16) Coral del Río and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"Intermediate inequality and welfare. The case of Spain, 1980-81 to 1990-91"

97-39 (17) Alfonso Alba-Ramírez
"Labor force participation and transitions of older workers in Spain"

97-40 (18) Juan J. Dolado, José M. González-Páramo and José Viñals
"A cost-benefit analysis of going from low inflation to price stability in Spain"

97-42 (19) Coral del Río and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"An inequality decomposition method which minimizes equivalence scales 'contamination' problems"

97-43 (20) Raouf Boucekkine, Marc Germain, Omar Licandro and Alphonse Magnus
"Creative destruction, investment volatility and the average age of capital"

97-44 (21) Raouf Boucekkine, Fernando del Río and Omar Licandro
"How do echo effects affect the dynamics of job creation and job destruction?"

97-45 (22) José Luis Moraga and Emmanuel Petrakis
"Promoting sales through coupons in oligopoly under imperfect price information"

97-46 (23) José Luis Moraga
"Quality uncertainty and informative advertising"

97-53 (24) Juan J. Dolado, J. David López-Salido and Juan L. Vega
"Spanish unemployment and inflation persistence: are there phillips trade-offs?

97-54 (25) Carmen Arguedas and Laurence Kranich
"Allocating environmental costs among heterogeneous sources: the linear damage equivalent mechanism"

97-55 (26) Michele Boldrin, Sergi Jiménz and Franco Peracchi
"Social security and retirement in Spain"

97-56 (27) Amrita Dhillon and Emmanuel Petrakis
"Bertrand competition, employment rationing and collusion through centralized negotiations"

97-57 (28) Ezra Einy, Diego Moreno and Benyamin Shitovitz
"The asymptotic nucleolus of large monopolistic games"

97-58 (29) Coral del Río and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"TIPs for poverty analysis. The case of Spain, 1980-81 to 1990-91"

97-60 (30) Esther Hauk
"LEAVING THE PRISON: a discussion of the iterated prisoner's dilemma under preferential partner selection"

97-61 (31) Esther Hauk
"Discriminating to learn to discriminate"

97-62 (32) Luis Carranza and José E. Galdón-Sánchez
"Multiple equilibrium, variability and development process"

97-67 (33) Coral del Río and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"Demographic trends and living standards. The case of Spain during the 80's"

97-68 (34) Emma Moreno and Carmelo Núñez
"A note on the Core of a continuum economy with infinitely many commodities"

97-69 (35) Esther Hauk and Sjaak Hurkens
"Secret information acquisition in cournot markets"

97-70 (36) Ignacio Mauleón and Marta Risueño
"A joint estimation of the production function and the depreciation rate of the capital stock. A disggregated analysis"

97-71 (37) Costas Azariadis and Vincenzo Galasso
"Fiscal constitutions and the determinacy of intergenerational transfers"

97-72 (38) Praveen Kujal
"A comment on the holt definition of market power"

97-73 (39) Iñigo Herguera, Praveen Kujal and Emmanuel Petrakis
"Non credible policies and leapfrogging in vertically differentiated industries"

97-74 (40) Javier Ruiz-Castillo and Carmen Vargas
"Income mobility, permutations and rerankings"

97-78 (41) Jesús Zamora
"Towards an economics of scientific knowledge"

97-83 (42) Emmanuel Petrakis and Joanna Poyago-Theotoky
"Environmental impact of technology policy: R&D subsidies versus R&D cooperation"

97-85 (43) Alfonso Alba
"Re-employment probabilities of young workers in Spain"

97-88 (44) Fidel Castro
"Wright tariffs in the Spanish electricity industry: the case of the residential consumption"

97-93 (45) Mª. Dolores Collado
"Estimating binary choice models from cohort data"


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