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Economics Series 1996

96-01 (01) Praveen Kujal and Roland Michelitsch
"Market power, inelastic elasticity of demand, and terms of trade"

96-02 (02) Emmanuel Petrakis and Minas Vlassis
"Endogenous wage-bargaining institutions in oligopolistic industries"

96-03 (03) Coral del Río and Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"Intermediate inequality and welfare. The case of Spain, 1980-81 to 1990-91"

96-04 (04) Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"A simplified model for social welfare analysis. An application to Spain, 1973-74 to 1980-81"

96-08 (05) Juan José Ganuza
"Optimal procurement mechanism with observable quality"

96-09 (06) Emmanuel Petrakis and Amrita Dhillon
"On centralized bargaining in a symmetric oligopolistic industry"

96-12 (07) Ezra Einy, Ron Holzman, Dov Monderer and Benyamin Shitovitz
"Core equivalence theorems for infinite convex games"

96-15 (08) Praveen Kujal
"The impact of regulatory controls on industry structure: study of the car and scooter industry in India"

96-17 (09) Olga Alonso Villar
"Configuration of cities: the effects of congestion cost and government"

96-18 (10) Olga Alonso Villar
"Spatial distribution of production and international trade"

96-21 (11) Javier Estrada and Santos Pastor
"The distribution of sentences in tax-related cases: evidence from spanish courts of appeals"

96-22 (12) Monique Florenzano and Emma Moreno
"Linear exchange economies with a continuum of agents"

96-23 (13) Jean-François Fagnart, Omar Licandro and Franck Portier
"Idiosyncratic uncertainty, capacity utilization and the business cycle"

96-24 (14) Jean-François Fagnart, Omar Licandro and Henri Sneessens
"Capacity utilization and market power"

96-25 (15) Raouf Boucekkine, Cuong Le Van and Katheline Schubert
"How to get the Blanchard-Kahn form from a general linear rational expectations model"

96-27 (16) Raouf Boucekkine and Jean-François Fagnart
"Solving recent RBC models using linearization: further reserves"

96-28 (17) César Alonso Borrego
"Demand for labour inputs and adjustment costs: evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms"
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96-29 (18) Emmanuel Petrakis and Minas Vlassis
"Endogenous scope of bargaining in oligopoly"

96-36 (19) Paula I. Corcho
"Generalized externality games: economic applications"

96-38 (20) Raouf Boucekkine, Marc Germain and Omar Licandro
"Replacement echoes on the vintage capital growth model"

96-39 (21) James Simpson
"An essay in bibliography and criticism: economic development in Spain 1850-1936"

96-40 (22) Ezra Einy, Dov Monderer and Diego Moreno
"The least core, kernel, and bargaining sets of large games"

96-53 (23) Javier Ruiz-Castillo y Carmen Vargas
"A social welfare model for the evaluation of the spanish income tax system"

96-57 (24) Carlos Hervés, Emma Moreno and Carmelo Núñez
"Some discrete approaches to continuum economies"

96-59 (25) Celia Costa Cabral, Praveen Kujal and Emmanuel Petrakis
"Incentives for cost reducing innovations under quantitative import restraints"

96-60 (26) Alfonso Alba-Ramirez
"Labor market effects of fixed-term employment contracts in Spain"

96-61 (27) Alfonso Alba-Ramirez
"Employment transitions of young workers in Spain"

96-62 (28) Emmanuel Petrakis and Santanu Roy
"Cost reducing investment, competition and industry dynamics"

96-71 (29) Alfonso Alba
"Explaining the transitions out of unemployment in Spain: the effect of unemployment insurance"

96-74 (30) Laura Pellisé
"Assessing Muface´s managed competition experiment in the spanish health care system"

96-75 (31) Alejandro Balbás and María José Muñoz
"Measuring the degree of fulfillment of the law of one price. Applications to financial markets integration"


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