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Economics Series 2000

00-6 (1) Alfonso Alba y Maria Tugores
"Training and Transitions out of Employment in Spain"

00-15 (2) Alba-Alvarez-Carraco
"The Effect of Female Participation on Fertility in Spain: How Does it Change as the Birth Comes Closer?"

00-17 (3) Andrei M. Gomberg (New York University), F. Marhuenda (UC III) e Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín (Universidad de Alicante)
"Equilibrium in a Model of Endogeneous Political Party Formation"

00-18 (4) F. Marhuenda (UC III) y Felipe Pérez Martí (I.E.S.A., Venezuela)
"On Altruism, Efficiency and Public Goods"

00-19 (5) F. Marhuenda (UC III)
"Behavioral heterogeneity revisited: Further examples"

00-20 (6) Mikel Pérez-Nievas
"Interim Efficient Allocation Mechanisms"

00-21 (7) Mikel Pérez-Nievas
"Interim Efficient Mechanisms for Public Decision Making in a Discrete Framework"

00-22 (8) Antonio Nicolò y Andrés Perea
"A Non-Welfarist Solution for Two-Person Bargaining Situations"

00-24 (9) Iñigo Herguera Praveen Kujal y Emmanuel Petrakis
"Trade Policies, Time Consistency, Quality Reversals and Exit in Vertically Differentiated Industries"

00-26 (10) Vitorocco Peragine
"Responsibility and compensation in a simple experiment"

00-27 (11) Sebastiano Bavetta y Vitorocco Peragine
"Measuring autonomy freedom"

00-29 (12) Ricardo Mora y Georges Siotis
"External Factors in Emerging Market Recoveries: An Empirical Investigation"

00-31 (13) José Alcalde Antonio Romero
"Coalition Formation and Stability"

00-32 (14) Vitorocco Peragine
"Opportunity egalitarianism and income inequality"

00-33 (15) Vitorocco Peragine
"Opportunity, responsibility and the ranking of income distributions"

00-43 (16) Ricardo Mora y Javier Ruiz Castillo
"Gender Segregation: From Birth to Occupation"

00-44 (17) J. Roemer, R. Aaberge, U. Colombino, J. Fritzell, S. Jenkins, I. Marx, M. Page, E. Pommer, J Ruiz Castillo, M.J. San Segundo, T. Tranaes, G. Wagner e I. Zubiri
"To What Extent Do Fiscal Regimes Equalize Opportunities for Income Acquisition Among Citizens?"

00-47 (18) Alvaro Escribano y Roberto Pascual
"Dynamic Asymmetries in Bid-Ask Responses to Innovations in the Trading Process"

00-48 (19) M. Angeles de Frutos y C. Manzano
"Risk aversion, Transparency, and Market performance"

00-54 (20) José Luis Ferreira
"Strategic interaction between futures and spot markets"

00-55 (21) Bernarda Zamora
"Rationality in the Allocation of Private and Public Goods"

00-56 (22) Javier Ruiz Castillo
"The Measurement of Structural and Exchange Income Mobility"

00-57 (23) Javier Ruiz Castillo
"The Measurement of the Inequality of Opportunities"

00-63 (24) Ricardo Mora y Javier Ruiz-Castillo
"Additively Decomposable Segregation Indexes. The Case of Gender Segregation by Occupations in Spain"

00-67 (25) Sergi Jiménez-Martín, José M. Labeaga y Maite Martínez-Granado
"An empirical analysis of the demand for health using the European Community Household Panel"

00-72 (26) Jaydeep Roy
"Learning with Bounded Memory"

00-85 (27) Luis C. Corchon
"Monk Business"

00-88 (28) Klaus Desmet y Marcel Fafchamps
"The Changing Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity across U.S. Counties"

00-90 (29) Roberto Pascual, Alvaro Escribano y Mikel Tapia
"Adverse Selection Costs, Trading Activity and Liquidity in the NYSE: An Empirical Analysis in a Dynamic Context"



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