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Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Fall 2020)

We meet on Thursdays, 12.45-14.00h. Due to the Covid situation, meetings take place online on Blackboard Collaborate until (and including) 3-Dec. From 10-Dec on we meet face-to-face in Room 18.0.A07, see also the list below. Note that focus of the group is shifted towards students' own research this semester to compensate for the lack of in-person interaction.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
1-Oct-2020 (online) Lidia Cruces This Time It's Different: The Role of Women's Employment in a Pandemic Recession Alon, Doepke, Olmstead-Rumsey & Tertilt 2020
22-Oct-2020 (online) Morteza Ghomi The Macroeconomic Consequences of Infrastructure Investment Ramey 2020
12-Nov-2020 (online) Tommaso Santini Automation with Heterogeneous Agents: The Effect on Consumption Inequality own research 2020
26-Nov-2020 (online) Sergio Feijóo Provider-Driven Complementarity and Firm Dynamics own research --
3-Dec-2020 (online) Javier Rodríguez to be announced (TBA) own research --
3-Dec-2020, 17.00-18.15h (online) Rubén Veiga TBA own research --
10-Dec-2020 Lidia Cruces TBA own research --
14-Jan-2021, 16.00-17.15h (online) Fernando Riveiro TBA own research --
21-Jan-2021 Morteza Ghomi CANCELED TO BE RE-SCHEDULED --
28-Jan-2021 Álvaro Jañez TBA own research --
28-Jan-2020 Florencia Airaudo CANCELED TO BE RE-SCHEDULED --

Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Spring 2020)

Wednesdays, 17.45-19.00h (Aula 17.0.32; from 18-Mar on: online on Blackboard Collaborate).


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
5-Feb-2020 Sergio Feijóo Heterogeneous Markups, Growth and Endogenous Misallocation Peters 2019
13-Feb-2020 Petteri Juvonen Centralized Wage Bargaining in a New-Keynesian Model Own Research --
26-Feb-2020 Lidia Cruces Female Labour Market Outcomes and the Impact of Maternity Leave Policies Low & Sánchez-Marcos 2015
4-Mar-2020 Florencia Airaudo Slow Moving Debt Crises Lorenzoni & Werning 2019
18-Mar-2020 Fernando Riveiro The Finance Uncertainty Multiplier Alfaro, Bloom & Lin 2019
25-Mar-2020 Álvaro Salazar Deadly Embrace: Sovereign and Financial Balance Sheets Doom Loops Farhi & Tirole 2018
1-Apr-2020 Javier Rodríguez The Macroeconomics of Epidemics Eichenbaum, Rebelo & Trabandt 2020
15-Apr-2020 Lidia Cruces The Economic Consequences of Family Policies: Lessons from a Century of Legislation in High-Income Countries Olivetti & Petrolongo 2017
22-Apr-2020 Florencia Airaudo Financial Crisis, the Trend, and the Cycle Own Research (with Hernán Seoane) 2020
29-Apr-2020 Rubén Veiga Lifetime Job Instability Own Research (with Ismael Gálvez) 2020
13-May-2020 Javier Rodríguez Child Subsidies and Pensions Own Research (with Lidia Cruces) 2020
20-May-2020 Isabel Micó Government Spending and Wage Inequality Own Research 2020
3-Jun-2020 Fernando Riveiro The Venture Capital Market: Project Implementation and Contracting Own Research 2020

Reading lists: 5-Feb-2020, 13-Feb-2020, 26-Feb-2020, 4-Mar-2020, 11-Mar-2020, 25-Mar-2020, 1-Apr-2020, 15-Apr-2020, 22-Apr-2020

Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Fall 2019)

Tuesdays, 17.45-19.00h, Aula 15.0.05.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
10-Sep-2019 Ismael Gálvez Explaining the Spread of Temporary Jobs and Its Impact on Labor Turnover Cahuc, Charlot & Malherber 2016
24-Sep-2019 Lidia Cruces Sustaining Fiscal Policy Through Immigration Storesletten 2000
1-Oct-2019 Florencia Airaudo Testing for Indeterminacy: An Application to U.S. Monetary Policy Lubik & Schorfheide 2004
15-Oct-2019 Morteza Ghomi Monetary Policy for Inattentive Economies Ball, Mankiw & Reis 2005
22-Oct-2019 Isabel Micó Innocent Bystanders? Monetary Policy and Inequality Coibion, Gorodnichenko, Kueng & Silvia 2017
29-Oct-2019 Fernando Riveiro Bankruptcy, Incorporation and the Nature of Entrepreneurial Risk Glover & Short 2018
19-Nov-2019 Lidia Cruces The Joint Labor Supply Decision of Married Couples and the U.S. Social Security Pension System Nishiyama 2019
19-Nov-2019 Matthias Kredler How to Calibrate (Macro) Models -- --
26-Nov-2019 Paul Telemo Job Polarization in the Short and the Long Run - An Intergenerational Perspective Own Research --
3-Dec-2019 Morteza Ghomi The Perils of Nominal Targets Armenter 2018
17-Dec-2019 Ana Moreno Maldonado Mums and the City: Female Labour Supply and City Size Own Research --
7-Jan-2020 Álvaro Salazar-Pérez A Pyrrhic Victory? Bank Bailouts and Sovereign Credit Risk Acharya, Drechsler & Schnab 2014
14-Jan-2020 Isabel Micó Fiscal Stimulus in a Monetary Union: Evidence from US Regions Nakamura & Steinsson 2014
21-Jan-2020 Fernando Riveiro Entry, Exit, Firm Dynamics, and Aggregate Fluctuations Clementi & Palazzo 2016

Reading lists: 24-Sep-2019, 1-Oct-2019, 15-Oct-2019, 22-Oct-2019, 29-Oct-2019, 19-Nov-2019, 26-Nov-2019, 3-Dec-2019, 17-Dec-2019, 14-Jan-2020, 21-Jan-2020.

Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Spring 2019)

Tuesdays, 18.00-19.15h, Aula 15.1.41.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
29-Jan-2019 María Bru Heterogeneous Borrowers in Quantitative Models of Sovereign Default Hatchondo, Martinez & Sapriza 2009
29-Jan-2019 Ana Moreno The Role of Gender in Employment Polarization Cerina, Moro & Rendall 2018
5-Feb-2019 Morteza Ghomi On the Future of Macroeconomic Models Blanchard 2018
5-Feb-2019 Lidia Cruces Aging and Pension Reform: Extending the Retirement Age and Human Capital Formation Vogel, Ludwig & Börsch-Supan 2017
12-Feb-2019 Bilal Sali Money, Search, and Business Cycles Borağan Aruoba 2011
12-Feb-2019 Fernando Riveiro Friends or Foes? The Interrelationship Between Angel and Venture Capital Markets Hellmann & Thiele 2015
26-Feb-2019 Sergio Feijóo Competition and Innovation: An Inverted-U Relationship Aghion, Bloom, Blundell, Griffith & Howitt 2005
26-Feb-2019 Florencia Airaudo Optimal Simple and Implementable Monetary and Fiscal Rules Schmitt-Grohe & Uribe 2007
5-Mar-2019 Isabel Micó Fiscal Consolidation with Tax Evasion and Corruption Pappa, Sajedi & Vella 2015
5-Mar-2019 Morteza Ghomi The Impact of Consumer Credit Access on Unemployment Herkenhoff 2018
12-Mar-2019 Javier Rodríguez Own Research (13.00h-14.15h, Room 15.1.03) -- --
26-Mar-2019 Onursal Bağırgan Global Games: Theory and Applications Morris & Shin 2003
2-Apr-2019 Fernando Riveiro Adverse Selection in Competitive Search Equilibrium Guerrieri, Shimer & Wright 2010
9-Apr-2019 Rubén Veiga Rethinking Optimal Currency Areas Chari, Dovis & Kehoe 2019
23-Apr-2019 Bilal Sali The Neo-Fisher Effect: Econometric Evidence from Empirical and Optimizing Models Uribe 2018
14-May-2019 Ismael Gálvez Directed Search over the Life Cycle Menzio, Telyukova & Visschers 2016
21-May-2019 Laure Simon Own Research -- --
27-Jun-2019 Onursal Bagirgan 12.45h (THURSDAY): Own Research -- --

Reading lists: 29-Jan-2019, 5-Feb-2019, 12-Feb-2019, 26-Feb-2019, 5-Mar-2019, 12-Mar-2019, 26-Mar-2019, 2-Apr-2019, 9-Apr-2019, 23-Apr-2019, 7-May-2019

Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Fall 2018)

Tuesdays, 18.00-19.15h, Aula 15.0.06.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
18-Sep-2018 Onursal Bağırgan Who Owns the Wealth in Tax Havens? Macro Evidence and Implications for Global Inequality Alstadsæter, Johannesen & Zucman 2018
25-Sep-2018 Sergio Feijóo Accounting for Factorless Income Karabarbounis & Neiman 2018
9-Oct-2018 Miguel Ángel Cabello A Method for Solving and Estimating Heterogeneous Agent Macro Models Winberry 2018
16-Oct-2018 Ismael Gálvez Own Research -- --
23-Oct-2018 Rubén Veiga Risk Sharing in Fiscal Federations: What the Data Say Literature Overview --
30-Oct-2018 Javier Rodríguez Own Research -- --
6-Nov-2018 Andrés Erosa Own Research -- --
13-Nov-2018 Álvaro Salazar Sovereign Default: The Role of Expectations Ayres, Navarro, Nicolini & Teles 2018
4-Dec-2018 María Bru News Shocks and Business Cycles Barsky & Sims 2011
4-Dec-2018 Javier Rodríguez Employment and the Sex Ratio in a Two-Sided Model of Marriage Seitz 2000
18-Dec-2018 Ismael Gálvez Work Histories and Lifetime Unemployment Morchio 2018
18-Dec-2018 Sergio Feijóo Global Market Power De Loecker & Eeckhout 2018
15-Jan-2019 Rubén Veiga Sovereign Default in a Monetary Union De Ferra & Romei 2018
15-Jan-2019 Javier Rodrígez The Career Costs of Children Adda, Dustmann & Stevens 2017
22-Jan-2019 Onursal Bağırgan Time-Consistent Policy and Persistent Changes in Inflation Ball 1995
29-Jan-2019 María Bru Heterogeneous Borrowers in Quantitative Models of Sovereign Default Hatchondo, Martinez & Sapriza 2009

Reading lists: 18-Sep-2018, 25-Sep-2018, 13-Nov-2018, 4-Dec-2018, 18-Dec-2018, 15-Jan-2019, 22-Jan-2019, 29-Jan-2019

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Spring 2018)

Tuesdays, 18.00-19.30h, Aula 15.0.06.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
30-Jan-2018 Javier Rodríguez Gender Gaps and the Rise of the Service Economy Ngai & Petrolongo 2017
13-Feb-2018 Antonia Díaz How to Get Started with Research -- --
20-Feb-2018 Ismael Gálvez The Labor-Market Impact of Undocumented Immigrants: Job Creation vs. Job Competition Albert 2018
27-Feb-2018 Javier Rodríguez Free to Leave? A Welfare Analysis of Divorce Regimes Fernández & Wong 2017
6-Mar-2018 Onursal Bağırgan Tax Competition in a Simple Model with Heterogeneous Firms: How Larger Markets Reduce Profit Taxes Haufler & Stähler 2013
20-Mar-2018 Elizaveta Pronkina Static and Intertemporal Household Decisions Chiappori & Mazzoco 2017
3-Apr-2018 Rubén Veiga Monetary Union with Voluntary Participation Fuchs & Lippi 2005
4-Apr-2018 16.00-17.00h Special Session: How to Publish with Applied Econometrics Reading Group --
10-Apr-2018 Ismael Gálvez Own Research -- --
24-Apr-2018 María Bru Dynamics of Investment Debt and Default Gordon & Guerron-Quintana 2017
8-May-2018 Álvaro Salazar International Credit Supply Shocks Cesa-Bianchi, Ferrero & Rebucci 2017
22-May-2018 Nicolás Aragón Volatility and Growth: Credit Constraints and the Composition of Investment Aghion, Angeletos, Banerjee & Manova 2010
Series on continuous-time methods
29-May-2018 Sergio Feijóo Schumpeterian Growth Klette & Kortum (I) --
5-Jun-2018 Onursal Bağırgan Models of Innovation with Firm Dynamics Klette & Kortum (II) --
12-Jun-2018 Javier Rodríguez & Rubén Veiga Theories of Wealth Inequality and the r-g Debate Benhabib, Bisin & Zhu; Piketty & Zucman --
26-Jun-2018 Elizaveta Pronkina Own Research -- --

Reading lists: 30-Jan-2018, 20-Feb-2018, 27-Feb-2018, 6-Mar-2018, 20-Mar-2018, 3-Apr-2018, 24-Apr-2018, 8-May-2018, 22-May-2018

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Fall 2017)

Tuesdays, 18.00-19.30h, Aula 15.1.03.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
19-Sep-2017 Javier Rodríguez Financial frictions, occupational choice and economic inequality Allub & Erosa 2014
19-Sep-2017 Beatriz González The Causes and Costs of Misallocation Restuccia & Rogerson 2017
3-Oct-2017 Ismael Gálvez Two-Tier Labour Markets in the Great Recession: France versus Spain Bentolila, Cahuc, Dolado & Barbanchon 2012
3-Oct-2017 Tomás Martínez Household Responses to Individual Shocks: Disability and Labor Supply Gallipoli & Turner 2011
24-Oct-2017 Sergio Feijóo Capital-Labor Substitution, Structural Change, and Growth Álvarez-Cuadrado, Van Long & Poschke 2017
24-Oct-2017 Rubén Veiga Taxing Capital? Not a Bad Idea after All! Conesa, Kitao & Krueger 2009
31-Oct-2017 Onursal Bağırgan Public Trust and Government Betrayal Phelan 2006
14-Nov-2017 Sergio Feijóo Declining Labor and Capital Shares Barkai 2017
21-Nov-2017 Tomás Martínez Inferring Labor Income Risk and Partial Insurance from Economic Choices Guvenen & Smith 2014
28-Nov-2017 Beatriz González The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms Autor, Dorn, Katz, Patterson & Van Reenen 2017
28-Nov-2017 Javier Rodríguez What is the Effect of Imbalanced Sex Ratios on Women and Men in China? Wang 2017
5-Dec-2017 Onursal Bağırgan Tax Competition among U.S. States: Racing to the Bottom or Riding on a Seesaw? Chirinko & Wilson 2017
19-Dec-2017 19.30h Christmas Meeting at La Antigua --
16-Jan-2018 Rubén Veiga Inefficiency in Legislative Policymaking: A Dynamic Analysis Battaglini & Coate 2007
23-Jan-2018 Ismael Gálvez Mismatch Shimer 2007

Reading lists: 19-Sep-2017, 3-Oct-2017, 24-Oct-2017, 31-Oct-2017, 14-Nov-2017, 21-Nov-2017, 28-Nov-2017, 5-Dec-2017, 16-Jan-2018, 23-Jan-2018

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Spring 2017)

Wednesdays, 18.30-20.00, Aula 15.0.16.


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
25-Jan-2017 Sergio Feijóo How to Get Started with Research: Presentation & Discussion Varian & others --
25-Jan-2017 Javier Rodríguez Sources of Change in the Life-Cycle Decisions of American Men and Women: 1962-2014 Eckstein, Keane & Lifshitz 2016
1-Feb-2017 Meng Li Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents Heathcote 2005
1-Feb-2017 Fabrizio Leone Endogenous Technology Adoption and R&D as Sources of Business Cycle Persistence Anzoategui, Comin, Gertler & Martinez 2015
8-Feb-2017 Tomás Martínez The Macroeconomics of Time Allocation Aguiar & Hurst 2016
22-Feb-2017 Onursal Bağırgan The Occurrence of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence Bayer, Oberhofer & Winner 2016
22-Feb-2017 Rubén Veiga Fiscal Unions Farhi & Werning 2017
1-Mar-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello Job Prospects and Pay Gaps: Theory and Evidence on the Gender Gap from U.S. Cities Bidner & Sand 2016
15-Mar-2017 Meng Li Labor Shares and Income Inequality Adams, Karabarbounis & Neiman 2014
15-Mar-2017 Ismael Gálvez The Employment Effect of Reforming a Public Employment Agency Launov & Wälde 2016
22-Mar-2017 -- Research ideas Student presentations --
29-Mar-2017 Fabrizio Leone Multinational Firms, FDI Flows and Imperfect Capital Markets Antràs, Desai & Foley 2008
29-Mar-2017 Sergio Fejóo The Global Decline of the Labor Share Karabarbounis & Neiman 2014
19-Apr-2017 Rubén Veiga Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms Müller, Storesletten & Zilibotti 2016
19-Apr-2017 Javier Rodríguez The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms Lise & Robin 2017
26-Apr-2017 Ismael Gálvez Wage Rigidity and Labor Market Dynamics with Sorting Schulz 2016
3-May-2017 Meng Li & Salvatore Lo Bello Job-Market Tips -- 2017
10-May-2017 Sergio Feijóo The Race Between Machine and Man: Implications of Technology for Growth, Factor Shares and Employment Acemoglu & Restrepo 2016
10-May-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello Scale and the Origins of Structural Change Buera & Kaboski 2011
24-May-2017 Tomás Rodríguez The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth Hsieh, Hurst, Jones & Klenow 2016
24-May-2017 Beatriz González Tax Collection, the Informal Sector, and Productivity Ordóñez 2014
31-May-2017 Fabrizio Leone The Geography of Development Desmet, Nagy & Rossi-Hansberg 2016
7-June-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello The Macroeconomic Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States Heathcote, Storesletten & Violante 2010
7-June-2017 María Bru Endogenous Political Turnover and Fluctuations in Sovereign Default Risk Chatterjee & Eyigungor 2017
14-June-2017 Danilo Aristizabal Default Risk and Risk Averse International Investors Lizarazo 2013
14-June-2017 Onursal Bağırgan An Economic Analysis of Tax Amnesties Stella 1991

Reading lists: 25-Jan-2017, 1-Feb-2017, 8-Feb-2017, 22-Feb-2017, 1-Mar-2017, 15-Mar-2017, 29-Mar-2017, 19-Apr-2017, 26-Apr-2017, 10-May-2017, 24-May-2017, 31-May-2017, 7-Jun-2017, 14-Jun-2017

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Macro Reading Group (Fall 2016)


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
19-Sep-2016 Javier Rodríguez Explaining Changes in Female Labor Supply in a Life-Cycle Model Attanasio, Low & Sánchez-Marcos 2008
26-Sep-2016 Ismael Gálvez Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle Menzio & Shi 2011
26-Sep-2016 Beatriz González Creative Destruction and Firm Organization Choice Thesmar & Thoenig 2000
3-Oct-2016 Tomás Martínez Employment Fluctuations with Equilibrium Wage Stickiness Hall 2005
19-Oct-2016 Rubén Veiga Time-Consistent Public Policy Klein, Krusell & Ríos-Rull 2008
26-Oct-2016 Onursal Bağırgan Depression Babies: Do Macroeconomic Experiences Affect Risk Taking? Malmendier & Nagel 2011
9-Nov-2016 Fabrizio Leone Is Optimal Capital-Control Policy Countercyclical in Open-Economy Models with Collateral Constraints? Schmitt-Grohe & Uribe 2016
9-Nov-2016 Michele Rosenberg The Agricultural Origins of Time Preference Galor & Özak 2015
16-Nov-2016 Rubén Veiga A Dynamic Model of Altruistically-Motivated Transfers Barczyk & Kredler 2014
23-Nov-2016 Javier Rodríguez Structural Transformation, the Mismeasurement of Productivity Growth, and the Cost Disease of Services Young 2014
30-Nov-2016 Michelangelo Rossi Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns Atkeson, Hellwig & Ordoñez 2015
30-Nov-2016 Javier Rodríguez own research -- --
7-Dec-2016 Ismael Gálvez Comparative Advantage and Unemployment Bils, Chang & Kim 2012
21-Dec-2016 Christmas meeting Frivolous Economics at l'Antigua 19.30h
18-Jan-2017 Beatriz González Quantifying the Effect of Financial Development on Economic Development Greenwood, Sanchez & Wang 2013

Reading lists: 19-Sep-2016, 26-Sep-2016, 3-Oct-2016, 19-Oct-2016, 26-Oct-2016, 9-Nov-2016, 16-Nov-2016, 23-Nov-2016, 7-Dec-2016, 18-Jan-2017

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2016)


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
9-Feb-2016 Onursal Bağırgan Real Business Cycles in Emerging Countries? García-Cicco, Pancrazi & Uribe 2010
23-Feb-2016 Tomás Martínez Skill Mismatch and Structural Unemployment Restrepo 2015
23-Feb-2016 Francisco Javier Rodríguez A Model for the Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus Payments Kaplan & Violante 2014
1-Mar-2016 Meng Li Business Cycle Uncertainty and Economic Welfare Cho, Cooley & Kim 2015
1-Mar-2016 Richard Jaimes Neoclassical Growth and the Natural Resource Curse Puzzle Guilló & Perez-Sebastian 2015
8-Mar-2016 Onursal Bağırgan Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Volatility in a Small Open Economy Galí & Monacelli 2005
8-Mar-2016 Ismael Gálvez Estimating the Impact of Immigrants on the Host Country Social Security System when Return Migration Is an Endogenous Choice Kırdar 2012
4-Apr-2016 Michele Rosenberg Occupational Choice and the Spirit of Capitalism Doepke & Zilibotti 2008
4-Apr-2016 Rubén Veiga Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises Cole & Kehoe 2000
11-Apr-2016 Manuel Mosquera Large Devaluations and the Real Exchange Rate Burstein, Eichenbaum & Rebelo 2005
11-Apr-2016 Ismael Gálvez Immigration, Offshoring, and American Jobs Ottaviano, Peri & Wright 2013
18-Apr-2016 Beatriz González R&D, International Sourcing and the Joint Impact on Firm Performance Bøler, Moxnes & Ulltveit-Moe 2015
25-Apr-2016 Tomás Martínez Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality Krusell, Ohanian, Rios-Rull & Violante 2000
25-Apr-2016 Onursal Bağırgan Optimal Expectations Brunnermeier & Parker 2005
9-May-2016 Richard Jaimes Fiscal Rules and Discretion Under Persistent Shocks Halac & Yared 2014
9-May-2016 Salvatore Lo Bello Intergenerational Persistence of Earnings: The Role of Early and College Education Restuccia & Urrutia 2004
30-May-2016 Javier Rodríguez Taxing Women: A Macroeconomic Analysis Guner, Kaygusuz & Ventura 2012
30-May-2016 Meng Li Volatility and Growth in Developing Economies: Some Numerical Results and Empirical Evidence Turnovsky & Chattopadhyay 2003
13-Jun-2016 Ismael Gálvez Immigration, Search, and Redistribution: A Quantitative Assessment of Native Welfare Battisti, Felbermayr, Peri & Poutvaara 2014
27-Jun-2016 Rubén Veiga Introduction to Differential Games -- --

Reading lists: 9-Feb-2016, 23-Feb-2016, 1-Mar-2016, 8-Mar-2016, 4-Apr-2016, 11-Apr-2016, 18-Apr-2016, 25-Apr-2016, 9-May-2016, 30-May-2016, 13-Jun-2016, 27-Jun-2016

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Fall 2015)


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
22-Sep-2015 Salvatore Lo Bello Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and Labor Productivity Sinha 2014
29-Sep-2015 Meng Li The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks Bloom 2009
6-Oct-2015 Beatriz González Fluctuations in R&D Investment and Long-run Growth: The Role of the Size Distribution of Innovating Firms Schmitz 2014
13-Oct-2015 Tomás Martínez Wages and Informality in Developing Countries Meghir, Narita & Robin 2015
27-Oct-2015 Junji Peng Recurrent Bubbles Kamihigashi 2010
3-Nov-2015 José Manuel Carbó Martínez The Macroeconomics of Microfinance Buera, Kaboski & Shin 2014
10-Nov-2015 Meng Li Optimal Taxation with Persistent Idiosyncratic Investment Risk Evans 2014
17-Nov-2015 Salvatore Lo Bello Social Contacts and Occupational Choice Bentolila, Michelacchi & Suarez 2008
17-Nov-2015 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Corporate Debt Structure and the Financial Crisis De Fiore & Uhlig 2015
24-Nov-2015 Manuel Mosquera Recurrent Hyperinflations and Learning Marcet & Nicolini 2003
24-Nov-2015 Francisco Javier Rodríguez Understanding the Evolution of the US Wage Distribution: A Theoretical Analysis Guvenen & Kuruscu 2012
1-Dec-2015 Beatriz González Credit Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity Khan & Thomas 2013
16-Dec-2015 Wednesday, 20.30h Christmas Meeting: Frivolous Economics at l'Antigua --
19-Jan-2015 Beatriz González Cross-Country Differences in Productivity: The Role of Allocation and Selection Bartelsman, Haltiwanger & Scarpetta 2013
26-Jan-2015 Richard Jaimes Fiscal Federalism and Economic Growth Brueckner 2006
26-Jan-2015 Ismael Gálvez On the Consequences of Demographic Change for Rates of Return to Capital, and the Distribution of Wealth and Welfare Krueger & Ludwig 2006

Reading lists: 22-Sep-2015, 29-Sep-2015, 6-Oct-2015, 13-Oct-2015, 27-Oct-2015, 3-Nov-2015, 10-Nov-2015, 17-Nov-2015, 24-Nov-2015, 1-Dec-2015, 16-Dec-2015, 19-Jan-2016, 26-Jan-2016

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2015)


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
27-Jan-2015 Meng Li The Distribution of Wealth and Fiscal Policy in Economies with Finitely-Lived Agents Benhabib, Bisin & Zhu 2011
2-Feb-2015 José Manuel Carbó Martínez A Model of Unconventional Monetary Policy Karadi & Gertler 2010
16-Feb-2015 Mehdi Sahneh The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates Based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks Romer & Romer 2010
23-Feb-2015 Tomás Martínez Changes in the Wage Structure and Earnings Inequality Katz & Autor 1999
2-Mar-2015 Omar Rachedi Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Job Market (But Were Afraid to Ask)
More material: tips by myself, tips from last year's students
Special Session 2015
9-Mar-2015 Meng Li Volatility and Growth: Credit Constraints and the Composition of Investment Aghion, Angeletos, Banerjee & Manova 2010
27-Mar-2015 Beatriz González Taxes, Regulations, and the Value of U.S. and U.K. Corporations McGrattan & Prescott 2005
10-Apr-2015 Matthias Kredler Home Equity in Retirement Nakajima & Telyukova 2012
17-Apr-2015 Iacopo Morchio Yours, Mine and Ours: Do Divorce Laws Affect the Intertemporal Behavior of Married Couples? Voena 2013
8-May-2015 Salvatore LoBello Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors Buera, Kaboski & Shin 2011
22-May-2015 Pedro Domínguez Fiscal Policy in General Equilibrium Baxter & King 1993
3-Jun-2014 Beatriz González Modeling and Measuring Organization Capital Atkeson & Kehoe 2005
10-Jun-2014 Tomás Martínez The Impact of Trade on Intra-Industry Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity Melitz 2003
24-Jun-2014 -- Final Meeting -- --

Reading lists: 27-Jan-2015, 2-Feb-2015, 9-Feb-2015, 16-Feb-2015, 23-Feb-2015, 2-Mar-2015, 9-Mar-2015, 27-Mar-2015, 10-Apr-2015, 17-Apr-2015, 8-May-2015, 22-May-2015, 3-Jun-2015, 10-Jun-2015, 24-Jun-2015

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Fall 2014)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
17-Sep-2014 Salvatore LoBello Income Distribution and Demand-Induced Innovations Foellmi & Zweimüller 2006
1-Oct-2014 Meng Li Linear-Quadratic Approximation of Optimal Policy Problems Benigno & Woodford 2012
8-Oct-2014 Omar Rachedi House of Debt (Book) Mian & Sufi 2014
8-Oct-2014 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Credit frictions and the cleansing effect of recessions Osotimehin & Pappadà 2014
15-Oct-2014 Javier Sánchez Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence Autor, Dorn, Hanson & Song 2014
22-Oct-2014 Meng Li An OLS Approach to Computing Ramsey Equilibria in Medium-Scale Macroeconomic Models Schmitt-Grohe & Uribe 2012
29-Oct-2014 Matthias Kredler Estate Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth Cagetti & De Nardi 2007
5-Nov-2014 Iacopo Morchio Learning about Employee and Employer Learning: Dynamics of Performance and Wage Measures Kahn & Lange 2013
12-Nov-2014 Tomas Martínez Understanding Booms and Busts in Housing Markets Burnside, Eichenbaum & Rebelo 2014
19-Nov-2014 Salvatore LoBello Changes in Sectoral Composition Associated with Economic Growth Echevarria 1997
26-Nov-2014 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Aggregate Implications of Corporate Debt Choices Crouzet 2014
3-Dec-2014 Javier Sánchez Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (Book) Acemoglu & Robinson 2006
17-Dec-2014 ***** Christmas Reading Group: Frivolous Economics Literature Review *****

Reading lists: 17-Sep-2014, 24-Sep-2014, 1-Oct-2014, 8-Oct-2014, 15-Oct-2014, 22-Oct-2014, 29-Oct-2014, 5-Nov-2014, 12-Nov-2014, 19-Nov-2014, 26-Nov-2014, 3-Dec-2014, 17-Dec-2014

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2014)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
15-Jan-2014 Iacopo Morchio Occupational Mobility and Wage Inequality Kambourov & Manovskii 2009
15-Jan-2014 Salvatore LoBello The Size Distribution of Manufacturing Plants and Development Kothari 2013
27-Jan-2014 Omar Rachedi The Effects of the Saving and Banking Glut on the U.S. Economy Justiniano, Primiceri & Tambalotti 2014
27-Jan-2014 Robert Kirkby Risk Aversion and the Labor Margin in Dynamic Equilibrium Models Swanson 2012
3-Feb-2014 Alessandro Peri On the Nature of Capital Adjustment Costs Cooper & Haltiwanger 2006
3-Feb-2014 Luigi Briglia Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk in a Frictional Labor Market Rudanko 2011
10-Feb-2014 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Sovereign Default and Debt Renegotiation Yue 2010
10-Feb-2014 Federico Masera Family Values and the Regulation of Labor Alesina, Algan, Cahuc & Giuliano 2013
17-Feb-2014 Lian Allub Market Size, Trade and Productivity Melitz & Ottaviano 2008
17-Feb-2014 Meng Li Labor Markets and Monetary Policy: A New Keynesian Model with Unemployment Blanchard & Gali 2010
3-Mar-2014 Alessandro Peri The Aggregate Demand for Treasury Debt Krishnamurty & Jorgensen 2012
3-Mar-2014 Omar Rachedi Housing and Debt Over the Life Cycle and Over the Business Cycle Iacoviello & Pavan 2013
19-Mar-2014 Lian Allub & Robert Kirkby Tips for the Job Market (and some tips by myself) Special Session 2014
19-Mar-2014 Federico Masera Occupational Choice and the Spirit of Capitalism Doepke & Zilibotti 2008
26-Mar-2014 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Sovereign Risk, Private Credit and Stabilization Policies Pancrazi, Seoane & Vukotic 2014
26-Mar-2014 Meng Li Internal Rationality, Imperfect Market Knowledge and Asset Prices Adam & Marcet 2009
9-Apr-2014 Alessandro Peri Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance and Liquidity Diamond & Dybvig 1983
9-Apr-2014 Federico Curci The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States Autor, Dorn & Hanson 2013
23-Apr-2014 Lian Allub The Effect of Credit Market Competition on Lending Relationships Petersen & Rajan 1995
30-Apr-2014 José Montalbán Deficit, Gifts and Bequests Barczyk 2012
14-May-2014 Meng Li Taxing Capital? Not a Bad Idea After All! Conesa, Kitao & Krueger 2009
14-May-2014 Iacopo Morchio An Equilibrium Theory of Learning, Search and Wages Gonzalez & Shi 2010
21-May-2014 Clara Martínez-Toledano The Optimum Quantity of Debt Aiyagari & McGrattan 1998
21-May-2014 Matthias Kredler Work Incentives of Medicaid Beneficiaries and the Role of Asset Testing Pashchenko & Porapakkarm 2013
28-May-2014 Omar Rachedi Land-Price Dynamics and Aggregate Fluctuations Liu, Wang & Zha 2013
4-Jun-2014 Federico Masera U.S. Food Aid and Civil Conflict Nunn & Qian 2014
17-Jun-2014 Salvatore LoBello Learning Your Comparative Advantage Papageorgiou 2014
17-Jun-2014 José Montalbán Bequest Motives: A Comparison of Sweden and the United States Laitner & Ohlsson 2001

Reading lists: 15-Jan-2014, 27-Jan-2014, 3-Feb-2014, 10-Feb-2014, 17-Feb-2014, 3-Mar-2014, 19-Mar-2014, 26-Mar-2014, 9-Apr-2014, 23-Apr-2014, 30-Apr-2014, 14-May-2014, 21-May-2014, 28-May-2014, 4-Jun-2014, 17-Jun-2014

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Fall 2013)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
18-Sept-2013 Omar Rachedi Intermediary Asset Pricing He & Krishnamurthy 2012
18-Sept-2013 Alessandro Peri Credit Spreads and Business-Cycle Fluctuations Gilchrist & Zakrajsek 2012
25-Sept-2013 Lovleen Kushwah Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets Broner, Martin & Ventura 2010
25-Sept-2013 Iacopo Morchio Reassessing the Ins and Outs of Unemployment Shimer 2012
9-Oct-2013 Federico Masera Human Capital and Regional Development Gennaioli, LaPorta, Lopez-de-Silanes & Shleifer 2013
9-Oct-2013 Mehdi Sahneh Fiscal Foresight and Information Flows Leeper, Walker & Young 2013
16-Oct-2013 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History: A Quantitative Exploration Buera & Shin 2013
16-Oct-2013 Pedro Gomes Public Capital Literature review 2013-
23-Oct-2013 Meng Li Optimal Taxation without State-Contingent Debt Aiyagari, Marcet, Sargent & Seppälä 2002
23-Oct-2013 Salvatore LoBello Trading Population for Productivity: Theory and Evidence Galor & Mountford 2008
6-Nov-2013 José Montalbán Education as Liberation Friedman, Kremer, Miguel & Thornton 2011
6-Nov-2013 Ivan Zilic Exploring the International Linkages of the Euro Area: a Global VAR Analysis Dees, Di Mauro, Pesaran & Smith 2007
12-Nov-2013 Clara Martínez Toledano The Global Decline of the Labor Share Karabarbounis & Neiman 2013
12-Nov-2013 Robert Kirkby The Effect of Parental Transfers and Borrowing Constraints on Educational Attainment Keane & Wolpin 2001
26-Nov-2013 Mattia Ricci Macroeconomic Effects of Regulation and Deregulation in Goods and Labor Markets Blanchard & Giavazzi 2003
26-Nov-2013 José Manuel Carbó Martínez Risk Matters: The Real Effects of Volatility Shocks Fernández-Villaverde, Guerrón-Quintana, Rubio-Ramírez & Uribe 2011
10-Dec-2013 Carmen García Galindo Momentum and Social Learning in Presidential Primaries Knight & Schiff 2010
10-Dec-2013 Luigi Briglia Spatial Development Desmet & Rossi-Hansberg 2013
17-Dec-2013 various Christmas Meeting: Frivolous Economics Literature review 2013-

Reading lists: 18-Sept-2013, 25-Sept-2013, 9-Oct-2013, 16-Oct-2013, 23-Oct-2013, 6-Nov-2013, 12-Nov-2013, 26-Nov-2013, 10-Dec-2013, 17-Dec-2013.

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2013)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
5-Feb-2013 Omar Rachedi Macroeconomics with Financial Frictions Literature Review 2013-
5-Feb-2013 Lian Allub General Equilibrium Analysis of the Eaton-Kortum Model of International Trade Álvarez & Lucas 2007
5-Feb-2013 Salvatore Lo Bello Hiring Through Referrals Galenianos 2012
12-Feb-2013 Tomasa Rodrigo Regional Mismatch and Labor Reallocation in an Equilibrium Model of Migration Nenov 2012
12-Feb-2013 Matthias Kredler Quantitative Asset Pricing Implications of Endogenous Solvency Constraints Álvarez & Jermann 2001
19-Feb-2013 Andrés Erosa Human Capital Literature Review 2013-
19-Feb-2013 Iacopo Morchio Student Abilities during the Expansion of US Education Hendricks & Schoellman 2012
5-Mar-2013 Luis Franjo Business Cycle Accounting Chari, Kehoe & McGrattan 2007
5-Mar-2013 Julie Pinole History, Expectations and Leadership in the Evolution of Social Norms Acemoglu & Jackson 2013
12-Mar-2013 Alessandro Peri A Quantitative Theory of Unsecured Consumer Credit with Risk of Default Chatterjee, Corbae, Nakajima & Ríos-Rull 2007
12-Mar-2013 Meng Li Endogenous Growth, The Distribution of Wealth, and Optimal Policy Under Incomplete Markets and Idiosyncratic Risk Clemens & Heinemann 2012
19-Mar-2013 Salvatore LoBello Technology, Employment and the Business Cycle: Do Technology Shocks Explain Aggregate Fluctuations? Galí 1999
19-Mar-2013 Robert Kirkby The Structural Estimation of Behavioral Models: Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Methods and Applications Keane, Todd & Wolpin 2011
9-Apr-2013 Lovleen Kushwah Monetary Union with Voluntary Participation Fuchs & Lippi 2006
9-Apr-2013 Iacopo Morchio Time Use During the Great Recession Aguiar, Hurst & Kabarbabounis 2012
23-Apr-2013 Meng Li Optimal Taxation of Capital Income in General Equilibrium with Infinite Lives Chamley 1986
23-Apr-2013 Nawid Siassi How Well Does the U.S. Social Insurance System Provide Social Insurance? Huggett & Parra 2010
30-Apr-2013 Arantxa Crespo The Network Structure of International Trade Chaney 2013
30-Apr-2013 Alessandro Peri The Granular Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations Gabaix 2011
7-May-2013 Julie Pinole An Approach to Asset-Pricing under Incomplete and Diverse Perceptions Eyster & Piccione 2011
7-May-2013 Iacopo Morchio Adjustment Costs, Firm Responses, and Micro vs. Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: Evidence from Danish Tax Records Chetty, Friedman, Olsen & Pistaferri 2011
14-May-2013 Robert Kirkby Cyclically-Adjusted Budget Balances Literature Review 2013-
14-May-2013 Salvatore LoBello The Effects of Social Networks on Employment and Inequality Calvo-Armengol & Jackson 2004
28-May-2013 Nawid Siassi Consumption Inequality and Partial Insurance Blundell, Pistaferri & Preston 2008
28-May-2013 Matthias Kredler Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Inattention Rachedi 2013
24-Jun-2013 Lian Allub Global Production with Export Platforms Tintelnot 2012
24-Jun-2013 Tomasa Rodrigo Time-Consistent Optimal Fiscal Policy over the Business Cycle Feng 2013

Reading lists: 5-Feb-2013, 12-Feb-2013, 19-Feb-2013, 5-Mar-2013, 12-Mar-2013 19-Mar-2013, 9-Apr-2013, 23-Apr-2013, 30-Apr-2013, 7-May-2013, 14-May-2013, 28-May-2013, 24-Jun-2013

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Fall 2012)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
19-Sept-2012 Nawid Siassi Bequest Motives and the Annuity Puzzle Lockwood 2012
19-Sept-2012 Bernhard Schmidpeter Labor Market Signaling and Self-Confidence: Wage Compression and the Gender Pay Gap Santos-Pinto 2012
26-Sept-2012 Robert Kirkby The Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidations Alesina, Favero & Giavazzi 2012
26-Sept-2012 Lovleen Kushwah Default Risk and Income Fluctuations in Emerging Economies Arellano 2008
3-Oct-2012 Salvatore Lo Bello Is Inequality Harmful for Growth? Persson & Tabellini 1994
3-Oct-2012 Matthias Kredler Formal Home Health Care, Informal Care and Family Decision Making Byrne, Goeree, Hiedemann & Stern 2009
17-Oct-2012 Lian Allub Selection and the Role of Small Business Owners in Firm Dynamics Pugsley 2011
17-Oct-2012 Gonzalo Zunino Wage Risk and Employment Risk over the Life Cycle Low, Meghir & Pistaferri 2010
24-Oct-2012 Olga Croitorov Heterogeneous Borrowers in Quantitative Models of Sovereign Default Hatchondo, Martínez & Sapriza 2009
24-Oct-2012 Nawid Siassi The Response of Household Saving to the Large Shock of German Reunification Fuchs-Schündeln 2008
31-Oct-2012 Lovleen Kushwah Linkages Across Sovereign Debt Markets Arellano & Bai 2012
31-Oct-2012 Iacopo Morchio How Large is the Government Spending Multiplier? Evidence from World Bank Lending Kraay 2012
7-Nov-2012 Omar Rachedi Financial Risk Capacity Bigio 2012
14-Nov-2012 Robert Kirkby Accounting for the U.S. Earnings and Wealth Inequality Castañeda, Díaz-Giménez & Ríos-Rull 2003
14-Nov-2012 Salvatore Lo Bello Political Economics — Explaining Economic Policy (chapters 1-5) Persson & Tabellini 2000
21-Nov-2012 Lian Allub An Assignment Theory of Foreign Direct Investment Nocke & Yeaple 2008
21-Nov-2012 Matthias Kredler Implications of Rational Inattention Sims 2003
5-Dec-2012 Omar Rachedi Financial Intermediaries, Credit Shocks and Business Cycles Mimir 2012
5-Dec-2012 Lovleen Kushwah Sovereign Default: Which Shocks Matter? Guimaraes 2011
12-Dec-2012 Iacopo Morchio Parental Education and Parental Time with Children Guryan, Hurst & Kearney 2008
12-Dec-2012 Tomasa Rodrigo Regional Trade Integration and Multinational Firm Strategies Antràs & Foley 2009
23-Jan-2013 Omar Rachedi Booms and Systemic Banking Crises Boissay, Collard & Smets 2012
23-Jan-2013 Nawid Siassi Consumer Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start Livshits, MacGee & Tertilt 2007

Reading lists: 19-Sept-2012, 26-Sept-2012, 3-Oct-2012, 17-Oct-2012, 24-Oct-2012, 31-Oct-2012, 7-Nov-2012, 14-Nov-2012, 21-Nov-2012, 5-Dec-2012, 12-Dec-2012, 23-Jan-2013

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2011)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
28-Feb-2011 Román Fossati The Slow Growth of New Plants: Learning about Demand? Foster, Haltiwanger & Syverson 2010
28-Feb-2011 Bernhard Schmidpeter Political Intergenerational Risk Sharing D'Amato & Galasso 2009
7-March-2011 Olga Croitorov Nominal Rigidities and the Dynamic Effects of a Shock to Monetary Policy Christiano, Evans & Eichenbaum 2003
7-March-2011 Efi Adamopoulou Estimating Social Effects in Matching Markets: Externalities in Spousal Search Drewianka 2003
14-March-2011 Max Glischinski Search in the Labor Market and the Real Business Cycle Merz 1995
14-March-2011 Lian Allub Wage Inequality and Entrepreneurship De Francesco 2009
21-March-2011 Daniel García Fire Sales in a Model of Complexity Caballero & Simsek 2010
21-March-2011 Efi Adamopoulou Friends' Networks and Job Finding Rates Cappellari & Tatsiramos 2010
28-March-2011 Lucila Berniell Unwilling or Unable to Cheat? Evidence from a Tax Audit Experiment in Denmark Kleven, Knudsen, Thustrup Kreiner, Pedersen & Saez 2010
28-March-2011 Román Fossati Consumer Inertia, Firm Growth and Industry Dynamics Fishman & Rob 2003
4-April-2011 Loris Rubini Openness, Technology Capital, and Development McGrattan & Prescott 2009
4-April-2011 Lian Allub Entrepreneurship, Saving, and Social Mobility Quadrini 2000
11-April-2011 Robert Kirkby House Prices, Borrowing Constraints, and Monetary Policy in the Business Cycle Iacoviello 2005
11-April-2011 Daniel García Occupational Choice and Dynamic Incentives Ghatak, Morelli & Sjostrom 2001
11-May-2011 Lian Allub Uninsured Idiosyncratic Investment Risk and Aggregate Saving Angeletos 2006
11-May-2011 Marta Rekas Adjusting to Trade Liberalization: Reallocation and Labor Market Policies Cosar 2010
18-May-2011 Bernhard Schmidpeter Wage Rigidities, Reallocation Shocks and Jobless Recovieries Shimer 2010
18-May-2011 Matthias Kredler Borrowing Constraints and Aggregate Economic Activity Scheinkman & Weiss 1986
8-June-2011 Lovleen Kushwah Financial Intermediation and Credit Policy in Business Cycle Analysis Kiyotaki & Gertler 2010
8-June-2011 Javier Fernández-Blanco Search Intermediaries Shi & Siow 2011
22-June-2011 Robert Kirkby Medium-Term Business Cycles Comin & Gertler 2006
22-June-2011 Matthias Kredler Income and Wealth Heterogeneity in the Macroeconomy Krusell & Smith 1998

Reading lists:
28-Feb-2011, 7-Mar-2011, 14-Mar-2011, 21-Mar-2011, 28-Mar-2011, 4-Apr-2011, 11-Apr-2011, 11-May-2011, 18-May-2011, 8-Jun-2011, 22-Jun-2011

Ph.D. UC3M: Reading Group (Fall 2010)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
21-Sep-2010 Román Fossati Demand-Driven Innovation and Spatial Competition Over Time Jovanovic & Rob 1987
21-Sep-2010 Luis Franjo Housing Markets and Current Account Dynamics Gete 2010
28-Sep-2010 Robert Kirkby A Unified Framework for Monetary Theory and Policy Analysis Lagos & Wright 2005
28-Sep-2010 Eva García-Morán Gender Differences and the Timing of First Marriages Díaz-Giménez & Giolito 2008
5-Oct-2010 Daniel García Equilibrium Default Cycles Szentes & Kovrijnykh 2007
5-Oct-2010 Matthias Kredler Consumption-Savings Decisions with Quasi-Geometric Discounting Krusell & Smith 2003
19-Oct-2010 Cecilia Vives The Race Between Education and Technology (Chr. 1-3) Goldin & Katz 2008
2-Nov-2010 Daniel García Equilibrium Default Hopenhayn & Werning 2008
2-Nov-2010 Robert Kirkby Frontiers in Business Cycle Research (chr. 4): Models with Heterogeneous Agents Ríos-Rull 1995
16-Nov-2010 Lian Allub Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors Buera, Kaboski & Shin 2010
16-Nov-2010 Cecilia Vives Education, Ranking and Competition for Jobs Moen 1999
23-Nov-2010 Robert Kirkby Agency Costs, Net Worth and Business Fluctuations Bernanke & Gertler 1989
30-Nov-2010 Lian Allub The Informal Sector: An Equilibrium Model and Some Empirical Evidence from Brazil De Paula & Scheinkman 2009
30-Nov-2010 Luis Franjo Overborrowing and Systemic Externalities in the Business Cycle Bianchi 2008
14-Dec-2010 Robert Kirkby Credit Cycles Kiyotaki & Moore 1997
14-Dec-2010 Román Fossati Innovating Firms and Aggregate Innovations Klette & Kortum 2004
12-Jan-2011 Bernhard Schmidpeter Bubbles and Crises Allen & Gale 2000
12-Jan-2011 Román Fossati Firm Turnover in Imperfectly Competitive Markets Asplund & Nocke 2006
19-Jan-2011 Max Glischinski A Directed Search Model of Inequality with Heterogeneous Skills and Skill-Biased Technology Shi 2002
19-Jan-2011 Cecilia Vives The Increase in College Premium and the Decline of College Wages: A Signaling Story Balart 2010
26-Jan-2011 Robert Kirkby Linear-Quadratic Approximations: An Introduction Díaz-Jiménez 2001
26-Jan-2011 Lian Allub Informal Sector: The Credit Channel Straub 2005
2-Feb-2011 Luis Franjo Development Accounting with Intermediate Goods Grobovsek 2011
2-Feb-2011 Max Glischinski Analysing Macro-Poverty Linkages: An Overview Gunter, Cohen & Lofgren 2005
9-Feb-2011 Eva García-Morán Aggregate Implications of Individual Labor Supply Heterogeneity Mustre 2010
9-Feb-2011 Bernhard Schmidpeter Relational Contracts, Efficiency Wages and Employment Dynamics Fong & Li 2010
16-Feb-2011 Robert Kirkby Methods versus Substance: Measuring the Effects of Technology Shocks on Hours Ríos-Rull, Schorfheide, Fuentes-Albero, Santaeulalia-Llopis & Kryshko 2011
16-Feb-2011 Lian Allub An Estimated Model of Entrepreneurial Choice under Liquidity Constraints Evans & Jovanovic 1989

Reading lists:
21-Sep-2010, 28-Sep-2010, 5-Oct-2010, 19-Oct-2010, 2-Nov-2010, 16-Nov-2010, 23-Nov-2010, 30-Nov-2010, 14-Dec-2010, 12-Jan-2011, 19-Jan-2011, 26-Jan-2011, 2-Feb-2011, 9-Feb-2011, 16-Feb-2011

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Spring 2010)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
16-Feb-2010 Javier Fernández Overview on Search-and-Matching Models __ __
16-Feb-2010 Javier Fernández Directed Search with Multiple Job Applications Galenianos & Kircher 2009
23-Feb-2010 Maria Tsampa Measuring Overeducation Chevalier 2003
23-Feb-2010 Lucila Berniell Financial Intermediation and Occupational Choice in Development Erosa 2001
2-Mar-2010 Eva García-Morán A General Equilibrium Analysis of Parental Leave Policies Erosa, Fuster & Restuccia 2009
2-Mar-2010 Georgi Kocharkov An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic Greenwood, Kircher & Tertilt 2010
9-Mar-2010 Cecilia Vives Job Market Signaling Michael Spence 1973
9-Mar-2010 Lian Allub Macroeconomic Implications of Size-Dependent Policies Guner, Ventura & Xu 2008
23-Mar-2010 Lian Allub Wealth Inequality and Intergenerational Links DeNardi 2004
23-Mar-2010 Georgi Kocharkov What Accounts for the Increase in the Number of Single Households? Regalia & Ríos-Rull 2001
6-Apr-2010 Daniel García Banking Panics and Policy Responses Ennis & Keister 2010
6-Apr-2010 Eva García-Morán Divorce, Remarriage, and Child Support Chiappori & Weiss 2007
13-Apr-2010 Zoe Kuehn Aggregate Barriers, Establishment Size and Economic Development Bhattacharya 2009
13-Apr-2010 Lucila Berniell Financial Constraints and Entrepreneurial Investment Bohacek 2006
27-Apr-2010 Maria Tsampa Competition between Private and Public Schools, Vouchers and Peer-Group Effects Epple & Romano 1998
27-Apr-2010 Daniel García Inequality and Social Discounting Fahri & Wérning 2007
11-May-2010 Robert Kirkby Testing Long-Run Neutrality King & Watson 1997
25-May-2010 Eva García-Morán The Quantitative Role of Child Care for Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation Bick 2010
25-May-2010 Daniel García Mergers as Reallocation Jovanovic & Rousseau 2004
8-Jun-2010 Robert Kirkby Tobin's Marginal q and Average q: A Neoclassical Interpretation Hayashi 1982
8-Jun-2010 Ana Millán A Matching Model with Endogenous Skill Requirements Albrecht & Vroman 2002

Reading lists:
16-Feb-2010, 23-Feb-2010, 2-Mar-2010, 9-Mar-2010, 23-Mar-2010, 6-Apr-2010, 13-Apr-2010, 27-Apr-2010, 11-May-2010, 25-May-2010, 8-June-2010

M.A.E./Ph.D.: Reading Group (Fall 2009)

30-minute presentations:

Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Authors Year
6-Oct-09 Luis Franjo The computational experiment: An econometric tool Kydland & Prescott 1996
6-Oct-09 Zoe Kuehn The empirical foundations of calibration Hansen & Heckman 1996
13-Oct-09 Dolores de la Mata Macroeconomics and methodology Sims 1996
13-Oct-09 Román Fossati Firm-specific learning and the investment behavior of large and small firms Li & Weinberg 2003
20-Oct-09 Juan Becutti Contracting with imperfect commitment and the revelation principle: The single agent case Bester & Strausz 2001
20-Oct-09 Daniel García Noisy business cycles Angeletos & La'O 2009
27-Oct-09 Lucila Berniell Limited enforcement and the organization of production Quintin 2008
27-Oct-09 Arantxa Crespo Globalization, heterogeneous firms and endogenous investment Vannoorenberghe 2008
3-Nov-09 Efi Adamopoulou Beauty and the Labor Market Hamermesh & Biddle 1994
3-Nov-09 Zeynep Ozkoz The Elusive Gains from International Financial Integration Gourinchas & Jeanne 2009
10-Nov-09 Zoe Kuehn Agency, Earnings Profiles, Productivity, and Hours Restrictions Lazear 1981
10-Nov-09 Luis Franjo Structural Change in a Multisector Model of Growth Ngai & Pissarides 2007
17-Nov-09 Dolores de la Mata The Technology of Skill Formation Cunha & Heckman 2007
17-Nov-09 Daniel García Crisis and Prices: Information Aggregation, Multiplicity and Volatility Angeletos & Wérning 2007
1-Dec-09 Efi Adamopoulou Marrying Your Mom: Preference Transmission and Women's Labour and Education Choices Fernández, Fogli & Olivetti 2002
1-Dec-09 Román Fossati Firm Heterogeneity and the Long-Run Effects of Dividend Tax Reform Gourio & Miao 2009
15-Dec-09 Lian Allub The Basic New-Keynesian Model (book chapter) Galí 2008
19-Jan-10 Robert Kirkby Monetary Policy Design in the Basic New Keynesian Model (book chapter) Galí 2008
19-Jan-10 Cecilia Vives Mismatch Shimer 2007
26-Jan-10 Georgi Kocharkov On the Living Arrangements of Elderly Widows Bethencourt & Ríos-Rull 2009
26-Jan-10 Maria Tsampa On-the-Job Search in a Matching Model with Heterogeneous Jobs and Workers Dolado, Jansen & Jimeno 2009
2-Feb-10 Robert Kirkby A Model with Sticky Wages and Prices (book chapter) Galí 2008
9-Feb-10 Cecilia Vives The Complementarity between Cities and Skills Glaeser & Resseger 2009
9-Feb-10 Ramiro de Elejade Adverse Selection and Switching Costs in Health Insurance Markets:When Nudging Hurts Handel 2009

Reading lists:
13-Oct-2009, 20-Oct-2009, 27-Oct-2009, 3-Nov-2009, 10-Nov-2009, 17-Nov-2009, 1-Dec-2009, 15-Dec-2009, 19-Jan-2010, 26-Jan-2010, 2-Feb-2010, 9-Feb-2010