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MA/PhD: Macro II (Spring 2017)

Notes on economic modeling
Definition of the state in dynamic programming
Lecture notes on Euler Equations in stochastic environments
Midterm exam (with solutions)
Practice questions on the New-Keynesian model
Final exam (with solutions)
HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8, HW9, HW10, HW11.

MA/PhD: Macro Reading Group (Spring 2017)

We meet on Wednesdays, 18.30-20.00h (aula 15.0.16).


Date Presenter Paper title (+ link to presentation slides) Author(s) Year
25-Jan-2017 Sergio Feijóo How to Get Started with Research: Presentation & Discussion Varian & others --
25-Jan-2017 Javier Rodríguez Sources of Change in the Life-Cycle Decisions of American Men and Women: 1962-2014 Eckstein, Keane & Lifshitz 2016
1-Feb-2017 Meng Li Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents Heathcote 2005
1-Feb-2017 Fabrizio Leone Endogenous Technology Adoption and R&D as Sources of Business Cycle Persistence Anzoategui, Comin, Gertler & Martinez 2015
8-Feb-2017 Tomás Martínez The Macroeconomics of Time Allocation Aguiar & Hurst 2016
22-Feb-2017 Onursal Bağırgan The Occurrence of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence Bayer, Oberhofer & Winner 2016
22-Feb-2017 Rubén Veiga Fiscal Unions Farhi & Werning 2017
1-Mar-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello Job Prospects and Pay Gaps: Theory and Evidence on the Gender Gap from U.S. Cities Bidner & Sand 2016
15-Mar-2017 Meng Li Labor Shares and Income Inequality Adams, Karabarbounis & Neiman 2014
15-Mar-2017 Ismael Gálvez The Employment Effect of Reforming a Public Employment Agency Launov & Wälde 2016
22-Mar-2017 -- Research ideas Student presentations --
29-Mar-2017 Fabrizio Leone Multinational Firms, FDI Flows and Imperfect Capital Markets Antràs, Desai & Foley 2008
29-Mar-2017 Sergio Fejóo The Global Decline of the Labor Share Karabarbounis & Neiman 2014
19-Apr-2017 Rubén Veiga Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms Müller, Storesletten & Zilibotti 2016
19-Apr-2017 Javier Rodríguez The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms Lise & Robin 2017
26-Apr-2017 Ismael Gálvez Wage Rigidity and Labor Market Dynamics with Sorting Schulz 2016
3-May-2017 Meng Li & Salvatore Lo Bello Job-Market Tips -- 2017
10-May-2017 Sergio Feijóo The Race Between Machine and Man: Implications of Technology for Growth, Factor Shares and Employment Acemoglu & Restrepo 2016
10-May-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello Scale and the Origins of Structural Change Buera & Kaboski 2011
24-May-2017 Tomás Rodríguez The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth Hsieh, Hurst, Jones & Klenow 2016
24-May-2017 Beatriz González Tax Collection, the Informal Sector, and Productivity Ordóñez 2014
31-May-2017 Fabrizio Leone The Geography of Development Desmet, Nagy & Rossi-Hansberg 2016
7-June-2017 Salvatore Lo Bello The Macroeconomic Implications of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States Heathcote, Storesletten & Violante 2010
7-June-2017 María Bru Endogenous Political Turnover and Fluctuations in Sovereign Default Risk Chatterjee & Eyigungor 2017
14-June-2017 Danilo Aristizabal Default Risk and Risk Averse International Investors Lizarazo 2013
14-June-2017 Onursal Bağırgan An Economic Analysis of Tax Amnesties Stella 1991

Reading lists: 25-Jan-2017, 1-Feb-2017, 8-Feb-2017, 22-Feb-2017, 1-Mar-2017, 15-Mar-2017, 29-Mar-2017, 19-Apr-2017, 26-Apr-2017, 10-May-2017, 24-May-2017, 31-May-2017, 7-Jun-2017, 14-Jun-2017

Lecture notes on continuous-time methods

The following lecture notes are meant to provide a first intuitive introduction to continuous-time methods. Consult the standard textbooks (Karatzas & Shreve, Øksendahl) if you are looking for more.

Lecture notes Homework
Deterministic control: Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation (HJBs) etc. HJB HW
Stochastic differential equations (SDEs), the Ito Rule and HJBs HW on Ito Rule,
HW on SDEs and partial differential equations (PDEs)
Kolmogorov Forward Equation Forward HW
Numerical techniques: the trinomial grid no homework

For numerical methods, also see the computational appendix to Altruistically-Motivated Transfers under Uncertainty (with Daniel Barczyk) on my research website.

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