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"Evaluating Long-Term Care Policy Options, Taking the Family Seriously" (with Daniel Barczyk)
Review of Economic Studies, 85(2), 2018: 766-809
(slides, data appendix)

"Altruistically-Motivated Transfers under Uncertainty" (with Daniel Barczyk)
Quantitative Economics, 5(3), 2014: 705-749
(computational appendix with an introduction to the Markov-chain approximation method for continuous-time optimization problems,
code toolbox)

"A Dynamic Model of Altruistically-Motivated Transfers" (with Daniel Barczyk)
Review of Economic Dynamics, 17(2), 2014: 303-328
(online appendix)

"Vintage Human Capital and Learning Curves"
Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 40, 2014: 154-178

"Experience vs. Obsolescence: A Vintage-Human-Capital Model"
Journal of Economic Theory, 150, 2014: 709-739
(online appendix)

Working papers:

"Long-Term Care across Europe and the U.S.: The Role of Informal and Formal Care" (with Daniel Barczyk)
This version: Jan. 2018
Short VOX article covering the main results of this paper.
Short article in Spanish in the Blog Ágora of Fundación Ramón Areces, which financed this research project to a great extent.

"Inequality and Asset Prices" (with Daniel Barczyk)
This version: July 2016 (last version: Dec. 2015)
Other versions of this paper were circulated under the title "The ABC of Incomplete-Market Economies with Correlated Shocks".

"Great Opportunities or Poor Alternatives: Self-Employment, Unemployment and Paid Employment over the Business Cycle" (with Ana Millán and Ludo Visschers)
First draft: Jan. 2014 (preliminary and incomplete: please check back for future versions!)

"Does the Real Interest Rate Drive Investment? A Structural-Estimation Approach"
This version: Aug. 2013 (last version: Sept. 2010)
The previous version of this paper was circulated under the title "Bayesian Estimation of a Dynamic Partial-Equilibrium Model for Investment".

Work in progress:

"Altruism, exchange, attachment to the house, or by accident -- why do people leave bequests?" (with Daniel Barczyk & Sean Fahle)

"What motivates bequests? Evidence on family structure, estate taxes, and time transfers in Europe" (with Daniel Barczyk and José Montalbán)

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