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Jesús Gonzalo  was born in El Burgo de Osma  (SORIA).  Do you want to hear las campanas de la catedral? Do you want to go?
B.A. from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego (1991).
Sloan Ph.D. Fellowship (1990-91). Who's Who Among Students in American Universities (1991). Who's Who in the World (edition year 2000).
Assistant Professor in Boston University (1991-1996). Associate Editor of  Journal of Applied Econometrics (2002-...).
Research on: Econometrics, Time Series, Applied Macro and Finance.
Recent Research Interests: Persistence-Long Memory, Asymmetries-Non Linearities, Extremes, Explosive Processes, Bubbles, Climate Change.
University Carlos III de Madrid Research Award (1999-2014).
The Tallest econometrician (196 cm) playing goalkeeper and
maybe the guy who first ever ordered an "Ice-Capuchino" (Summer 1990, California) (w.c= who cares!!) (six years later Starbucks made popular).
On the TOP 250 most cited Worldwide Economists in the 90´s (see below).
Distinguished Visitor U. California, Riverside.

In WHO'S WHO in ECONOMICS (4th Edition, 2003, edited by Mark Blaug).

Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics,  the best journal in Econometrics (remember that Economics without Econometrics is a coffee talk)

The most convenient Ranking of Econ Depts (pdf)
WorldWide Ranking of Economists in the 90´s (pdf

My position in the latest "Worldwide Econometrics Ranking 1989-2005" (by Badi H. Baltagi):

And the NOBEL 03 goes ...... to ..... Clive and Rob  (report and video
and an EXCLUSIVE PICTURE (guess who did not win the Nobel)

Paco Marmol's HOMAGE

(video of the conference)


MAY 27th  2009: A VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD DAY.....Clive Granger   passed away 

My Tribute to Clive's career

(presented at the NBER-NSF Time Series Meeting 2009, UC Davis)

WHAT A CONFERENCE has organized ROBERT TAYLOR in Nothinghan in honor of CLIVE GRANGER

Believe it or not I have been CHAIRMAN of the ECON DEPT (2010-2012)

2014 RANKING ECON DEPTS.......44 in the World...not bad ehhhhh

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