Esteban Nicolini

Visiting Professor
Ph.D., Universitat Pompeu Fabra


  • Principios de Economía
  • Development Economics (Erasmus Mundus Master in Economic Development and Growth)

Research Interests

  • Econmic growth and demographic change in the Malthusian period.
  • Inequality and standards of living in Modern Spain (18th century).
  • Growth, wages and standards of living in Argentina in 19th and 20th century.

Current Research

  • “Decomposing Income Inequality in a Backward Pre-Industrial Economy: Old Castile (Spain) in the Middle of the Eighteenth Century” con Fernando Ramos Palencia.
  • “Comparing Income and Wealth Inequality in Pre-industrial Economies. Lessons from Spain in the 18th Century” Con Fernando Ramos Palencia.
  • “Persistence vs. Reversal and Agglomeration Economies vs. Natural Resources. Regional inequality in Argentina in the first half of the 20th century” con Florencia Aráoz.
  • “Patrones de consumo de las clases trabajadoras en Buenos Aires, Argentina entre 1907 y 1935” con Florencia Correa Deza.
  • “A new look at labour markets and real wages in Argentina, 1895-1914” con Beatriz Alvarez.

Contact Information

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Curriculum Vitae

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