Ángel Hernando Veciana

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University College London


Principles of Economics
Mechanism Design (PhD)
Regulatory Economics (MAE)

Research Interests

  • Auction Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Information Economics

Current Research

  • “When Are Signals Complements or Substitutes?”, Journal of Economic Theory 148 (2013) 165–195. Joint work with Tilman Börgers and Daniel Krähmer.
  • Comment on "Auctions with a Buy Price: the Case of Reference-Dependent Preferences," Games and Economic Behavior, 74(1), January 2012, pp. 235-239.
  • "Second Best Efficiency and the English Auction", Games and Economic Behavior,  73(2), November 2012. Joint work with Fabio Michelucci.

Contact Information

+34 916249602 office
office 15.2.12

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