Master in Industrial Economics and Markets

The globalization of markets and the change in competition policies in the industrial sectors have caused national and international industrial structures to undergo a great deal of change in the short and medium term. Therefore, in most developed and developing countries there is a high demand for experts in Industrial Economics. The objective of the Master is to produce such experts through solid training in three key areas: Industrial Organization, Business Economics and Quantitative Economic Analysis.

The Master is a two year program. The first year consists of basic courses taught in English, which all the specialties have in common. The second year offers core courses in Industrial Organization, and three areas of specialization as well as a dissertation.

The three areas of specialization offered are Energy Economics, Telecommunications Economics and Transport Economics.

These specialties are carried out in cooperation with distinguished companies in these areas such as Iberdrola, OMIE, REE, Grupo Alsa, Fundación Franciso Corell, ENAGAS and Samsung:






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