Publicaciones Recientes
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  • Alessandro Peri and Omar Rachedi have won the best award paper at the XXI Finance Forum, for the work "Financial Development, Default Rates and Credit Spreads". - Nuevo!!
  • Job Market Candidates - Nuevo!!
  • The paper "Motivation through goal setting" written by our former PhD student Joaquin Gómez under the supervision of Maria Angeles de Frutos and Susanna Esteban has been the 10th most popular Elsevier paper in Economics during the first half of 2013.
  • According to the latest well-known ranking by Tilburg University on Economics research (2008-2012),  the Dept. of Economics at UC3M is placed 38th. in the world.
  • The Universidad Carlos III's team wins the gold medal in the 2013 edition of the Econometric Game, competing with teams of prestigious universities such as Harvard, LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, Tilburg. In this edition, the UC3M team was selected by prof. Cesar Alonso, and its members were Pedro Sant'Anna (captain), Guillermo Carlomagno, Andrés García-Suaza, Salvatore Lobello, and Michelle Sánchez Acosta.

Seminarios de la Semana

  • E&A Workshop: Christian Francq (CREST), "Estimating multivariate GARCH and stochastic correlation models equation by equation". (Lunes 22, 13:15 h, Aula 15.1.01)
  • Student Workshop Tercer Año:
- 11:15 Andrés García Suaza
"Counter factual distribution for censored data"
- 12:00 Mehdi Hamidisahneh
"Testing for Fundamentals and Causality of Vector Autoregressive Moving Average Processes"
- 14:00 Federico Masera
"The Effects of Competition Between Religious Organizations and the Welfare State"
- 14:45 Christos Mavridis
"Strategic abstention or irrational fatigue"
- 12:00 Sebastian Panthoefer
"Risk Selection under Public Health Insurance with Opt-out"

(Miércoles 23, Aula 9.2.06)
  • Student Workshop: Luc Bridet (Toulouse), "Learning your strenghts vs. building them up: education and occupation choice". (Viernes 25, 13:15 h, Aula 15.1.01)

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