Week Seminars
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar: Steven Stillman (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano): "Testing Theories of Gender Discrimination using Linked Employer-Employee Data". Monday 26, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Microeconomics Seminar: Alp Atakan (Koc University): "Market Selection and the Information Content of Prices". Tuesday 27, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar: Saul Lach (The Hebrew University): "Retail Prices in a City". Wednesday 28, 13:15h, 15.0.06.
  • Macroeconomics Seminar: Etienne Lalé (University of Bristol): "The Rise of Part-time Employment". Thursday 29, 13:15h, 15.0.06.
  • Student Workshop: Alex Wolf (Université Libre de Bruxelles): "Determinants of Resource Allocation in Couples: A Collective Model with Prior Information". Friday 30, 13:15h, 15.0.04.


Conferences and other events

Recent Publications

Andrés Erosa, Luisa Fuster and Gueorgui Kambourov,
"Towards a Micro-Founded Theory of Aggregate Labour Supply"
Review of Economic Studies, 83 (3) (2016), 1001-1039.
Diego Moreno and John Wooders,
"Dynamic Markets for Lemons: Performance, Liquidity, and Policy Intervention"
Theoretical Economics, 11 (2016), 601-639.
Álvaro Escribano and Szabolcs Blazsek,
"Patent propensity, R&D and market competition: Dynamic spillovers of innovation leaders and followers"
Journal of Econometrics, 191(1) (2016), 145-163.
Pedro Gomes,
"Optimal public sector wages"
The Economic Journal, 125(587) (2015)​, 1425-1451.
Carlos Velasco and Peter M. Robinson,
"Efficient inference on fractionally integrated panel data models with fixed effects"
Journal of Econometrics, 185 (2015)​, 435-452.
Miguel Á. Delgado and Peter M. Robinson,
"Non-Nested Testing of Spatial Correlation"
Journal of Econometrics, 185 (2015)​, 385-401.
Ángel Hernando-Veciana and Pablo F. Beker,
"The dynamics of bidding markets with financial constraints"
Journal of Economic Theory, 155 (2015)​, 234-261.





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