Microeconomics II

Masters in Economics

This site provides information about the course, and materials and references useful to prepare it.

DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introduction to the topics and methods of the economics of information.

INSTRUCTOR: Diego Moreno

TA: Michelangelo Rossi

A. Mas-Colell, M. Whiston and J. Green: Microeconomic Theory, Oxford UP, 1995.
I. Macho and D. Perez-Castrillo: An Introduction to the Economics of Information, Oxford UP, 1994.
V. Krishna, Auction Theory, Academic Press, 2010.

    P. Bolton and M. Dewatripont: Contract Theory, MIT Press, 2005.
    R. Gibbons: A premier in Game Theory, Prentice Hall, 1992.
    J. E. Harrington: Games, Strategies, and decision making, Worth Publishers, 2009.
    J.-J. Laffont and D. Martimort: The Theory of Incentives, Princeton UP, 2002.
    M. J. Osborne: An introduction to Game Theory, Oxford UP, 2003.
    B. Salanié: The Economics of Contracts: A Primer, MIT Press, 2005.

1. Time, Uncertainty and Risk in Competitive Economies. (Mas-Colell et al., chapters 19 and 20.)
2. Risk Distribution: the Principal-Agent Problem. (Macho and Perez-Castrillo, chapter 2.)
3. Moral Hazard. (Macho and Perez-Castrillo, chapter 3.)
4. Adverse Selection: Screening, Signaling. (Macho and Perez-Castrillo, chapters 4 and 5.)
5. Bilateral Trade, Auctions. (Krishna, chapters 2, 3 and 5.)

GRADING: There will a midterm exam (March 17), and a comprehensive final exam (May 27).

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